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Chapter 3

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Harry arrives at Grimmauld

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A/N: Once again this chapter is not betad other than going through spell check and only a brief read thru.

Chapter Three

Grimmauld Place

Bill Weasley was not having a good day. Immediately after watching a young couple leave, he was called into the office of the managing directors, where he was surprised and angered to learn that his mother and professor Dumbledore had setup an arranged marriage between his sister and Harry Potter, what really angered him was the possible affects this could have on Ginny. After leaving Gringotts he went back to Grimmauld to discuss his discovery with Charlie who was just as upset and angry as he was, they decided that they would approach their father before confronting the rest of the family, which led them to their current situation.

"Dad can we talk its important?" Bill asked nervously

"Sure son" Arthur replied seeing the uncomfortable look of his son he asked "What's wrong"

"Well you see the chief of the Gringotts council called me into his office today, and informed me that Ginny was entered into a marriage contract with Harry Potter"

"What, how? I never agreed to any contract, especially one that would promise my only daughter to a stranger, and I doubt Sirius would enter Harry into such a contract" Arthur replied his voice filled with surprise and anger

"I know dad, Mom used her position as Ginny's mother to enter into the contract and Dumbledore used his position as the head of the Wizengamot to enter Harry into the contract." Bill explained

"Oh, said quietly looking at his sons before adding "Why would they do this why would Molly do this with out discussing it with the family first or at least myself and Ginny" Arthur asked betrayal lace heavily in his voice

"We don't know, but we are going to find out, hopefully before the order meeting tonight" Charlie answered

"There is more we need to discuss" Bill added

'Yes I'm sure this son, but let's gather the rest of the family so everyone understands what going on." Arthur responded before leaving to gather the rest of the family.

Ten minutes later found the entire Weasley family sitting in the Kitchen.

"Bill has just given me some very disturbing information concerning a certain marriage contract, between Ginny and Harry Potter"
"WHAT!" Ginny exclaimed anger and surprise laced in her voice. Looking at Her father and Bill hoping it wasn't true and finding no hope there continued "How, Why?"

"I would like to know myself. Molly would care to explain to me and your daughter why you entered her into a marriage contract without first discussing it with the rest of the family or at the very least me and Ginny" Arthur responded looking at Molly with disappointment.

"Because as Albus has often pointed out Harry Potter is very important to the defeat of you-know-who and to the wizarding world in general, and Albus needed a way to coral him in so that he could train in his role in our world properly, instead of mayhem that would have been caused if Sirius, Remus, and that tart continued to advise him, and a marriage into a family that is firmly on Dumbledore's side seemed like the best option. Plus as a result of the marriage we gain access to the vaults of one of the richest families in the world not to mention the influence and power we would have to make changes in our world for the positive.

As to why I never discussed with the family that is not entirely true I did discuss with Percy before and Ronald afterwards. It was decided that it was for the best that I did it in private as you and the others would most certainly disagree with this and seeing the looks on your faces I can see that we where right.

Now you all can waste time yelling and telling me how disappointed in me you are or we can go about this in a positive way and discuss what changes we want to make and where the wedding is going to be held." Molly finished her speech hoping to end the argument there sadly for her she was wrong.

"There is a major problem with yours and Dumbledore's plans mum." Bill added

"And just what problem could there possible be?"

"Albus Dumbledore is not Harry's guarding nor is he the head of the Potter family and while Dumbledore can certainly enter Mr. Potter into a marriage contract as head of the Wizengamot its up to the said persons guarding and/or his family head to decide if its in the best interest of his family and therefore has the right to declare the contract on his end null and void. Thus leaving the other party in a contract that they have no hope in honoring, and you do know the consequences would be for Ginny if that where to occur" said Bill

"Yes of course I understand the consequences, but I fail to understand what this has to do with this situation." Molly said in confusion

"Well for one Sirius is or was Harry Potters guarding and he would have never agreed to this, but that is not important, because Harry is an emancipated minor and was at the time the contract was made being an emancipated minor automatically made an adult and Head of the Potter Family therefore giving him the right to declare his end null and void." Bill explained

"Oh. Well then will just have to make sure he doesn't know he has an out before it's too late." Ron said.

"It's not that simple Ron as Mr. Potter already knows as the goblins told him about five minutes before they told me. According to my bosses the only reason why Harry didn't automatically cancel his end of the contract was he wanted to give Dad a chance to null and void Ginny's end before she suffered the effects, if he would have done so then. Apparently he didn't think it fair that Ginny suffer if she had no part in the plan.

"What are these 'consequences you all keep referring to?" Ginny asked in frustration

"Gin if Harry had declared his end null and void at the bank earlier today then Dad would only have thirty minutes to respond before you started to loose you magic." Bill said somatically

"OH FUCK!" Ginny Exclaimed

"Ginerva!" Molly reprimanded

"Oh shut up because of you I could have and still could loose my magic."

"Ginny that's not going to happen we all know from the others that Mr. Potter sense of honor and guilt would not let you to loose your magic." Molly chided

"But it wouldn't be Harry Potter's fault, and I wouldn't blame him if had declared his end voided, as far as Harry Potter's guilt and honor I think he is more than accounting for those by giving us a chance at the meeting tonight. So if I do loose my magic it would be your fault for getting me into this mess in the first place, and for what a bit of gold and a little power." Ginny exclaimed tears running down her face

"Well all we can do now is wait to see what happens tonight" Arthur sighed and then turned to look at Molly, Percy and Ron "I will if given the chance officially declare the contract null and void tonight. I cannot even begin to discuss how disappointed I am in you three."

As evening fell many started to wonder if Harry and Tonks would show despite the reassurances of Remus and Sirius. Then about 8:30

Harry and Tonks entered the kitchen of Grimmauld place laughing as they entered the room.

"Well it looks like the great Harry Potter has finally decided to grace us with his presence." Severus Snape sneered.

Harry grinned at the dower man "And just who might you be?" Harry asked looking at Snape, rubbing his chin Harry faces lit up with mischief "Aha of course dressed in all black, pale almost vampire like skin, black greasy hair you must be Sniv... I mean Severus Snape" Harry finished excitedly

Snape glared at Harry while snickers could be heard from the others.

"Harry it good to see that you have finally decided to join us" Dumbledore said trying to get the meeting back on track

"Please tell us why you and Nymphadora arrived to the meeting late" Dumbledore questioned.

"Yeah well you know how things go things to do and goblins to see" Harry said with a smirk on his face as he saw the color in Dumbledore's face drain. "Which reminds me, I believe that Mr. Weasley his daughter Ginerva and I need to have a little chat, about a certain marriage contract?"

"What marriage contract" Sirius demanded

"Well it seems that a certain Molly Weasley and a certain Albus Dumbledore entered me into and a Ginerva Weasley into a marriage contract

"WHAT I WOULD HAVE NEVER AGREED TO THAT, DUMBLEDORE JUST WHAT IN THE HELL WHERE YOU THINKING" Sirius yelled angrily at Dumbledore. Sighing he continued "No don't answer that I know why, but I believe that by judging the smile on my godson's face it won't matter anyway"

"Mr. Potter, Sirius I was only doing what was best for everyone involved. Mr. Potter is and will be a very important part of our society both politically and economically, and a marriage into a well respected Wizarding family would help him greatly. Especially when he takes over as head of the Potter family, we all know how hard it is for an unmarried Lord to get things done." Dumbledore stated in a grandfatherly voice.

"That's a laugh, anyway it doesn't matter because at the time you made the contract I was already emancipated, thus giving me the opportunity to claim the title of Lord Potter, which I did or had as the case may be." Harry said with a smile. While Dumbledore and his cohorts seethed in salient rage

Sirius, Remus and Tonks just looked at Harry with pride

"Mr. Weasley it is my understanding that neither yourself nor your daughter had no prior knowledge of the contract?" Harry asked.

"That is correct Mr. Potter" Arthur replied

"Great, that is why I have decided to give you the opportunity to cancel your end of the contract now so that I may do so also. So as to give both a chance to bow out of this farce, and let your daughter and Seamus continue dating."

"Yes, yes although I am curious as how you knew my daughter was dating Mr. Finnegan"

"Me to" said a confused Ginny interrupting the others

"But that can wait for a later time. I Arthur Weasley head of the family Weasley herby end my daughter's contract to one Harry James Potter"

"And I Harry James Potter head of the family Potter herby end Harry James Potter's contract to one Ginerva Weasley" Harry finished as a bright light of magic left both men.

Tonks grinned evilly at the others while rubbing her hands together "Great now that is taken care of we can stop having 'we must find Harry Potter so I can control him and his money 'and start having'how we are going to kick Voldemort's ass meetings"

Harry and the others laughed while Dumbledore and a couple of the Wesley's and Hermione just scowled at her/

"Yes of course Miss Tonks I am sending you on a mission to the United States to try and gather support form the American Aurors. Remus I am sending you to Russia to find out where the werewolves stand and Sirius I am sending you to Saudi Arabia to..."

"Wait, wait, wait it seems to me that you are sending my closest advisors away while probably leaving me with those I don't know and don't trust yet." Harry interrupted

"It would be for the best after all it would give you an excellent opportunity to get to know some of your fellow classmates, while they take care of what I assure you are very important order business"

"No I don't think so after all I have already talked with Alexis, who's daughter Katrina says hi Remus," at which Remus turned an embarrassing shade of red while Sirius and Tonks laughed, "and he has assured me that he will follow me, and Saladin has assured me that all is being taken care of in his region,, and last but not least I have gotten assurance from the American magical intelligence and special forces that we have their full backing and support" Harry said with a smile

"Very well this meeting is adjourned Mr. Potter after you get settled in please come back and talk with me about where you have been and what you have been doing. I believe that you and Ronald will be sharing a room."

"Yeah sure, but I'll be in Tonks's room" Harry said as he was leaving

"Albus we cant allow those two to share a room it isn't proper" cried a shocked Molly

"You have know choice in the matter" Sirius said leaving the kitchen with Remus

As they left the kitchen Sirius and Remus met up with Harry and Tonks I'm going to get 'settled in' and then get this meeting with Dumbledore over with I would like for you to be there" he said looking at the others, at which the all agreed that would be for the best.

Harry walked into the office that Dumbledore was using and immediately noticed Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley sitting in the office with him waiting. Smirking Harry looked behind him and motioned for the others to follow.

"Ah Mr. Potter I was hoping to have this conversation in private."

"Then why are they here?" Harry asked motioning over to Ron and Hermione.

"I thought it would be a good idea for them to join us as a way for them to get to know you better and you them. After all you three will soon be spending a lot of time together." Dumbledore responded.

"Oh and just how do you figure this" asked Harry with a raised eyebrow.

"Well as you know you and Mr. Weasley will be bunking together while here at Grimmauld place before the three of you go to Hogwarts and then I'm sure you will be sharing a dorm with Mr. Weasley and common room with Miss Granger" Dumbledore answered smiling

"Well as I am staying with Tonks during my stay here and as I have yet to be sorted my house so we don't know if they will be my dorm mates or not."

"Why don't you think you'll be in Gryffindor, to scared don't think your good enough maybe you're right you're probably too weak to be Gryffindor, or maybe your just a coward" Ron sneered

Harry's three companions just laughed while Harry shrugged.

"Ron" Tonks said eerily walking over to the redhead

"You where there the other night when we were talking about Harry and his past exploits" she said in a calm friendly voice.

"Um yeah" Ron said nervously


"Ron, there is now shame in being in Hufflepuff after all loyalty and hard work are very important, something that even the bravest men coveted." Sirius said to Ron

"The greatest hero's in magical history also had the traits of Ravenclaw and Slythern in them." Remus said going into teacher mode

Ron had the grace to look or at least act ashamed "Yeah I guess you are right"

"Good now that is taken care of let us get on with the original reason for this meeting" Harry said getting quick agreements form the others.

So with that final statement the six of them sat down and spent the next few hours discussing Harry's past and arguing about his future.
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