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Chapter 2

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Harry and Tonks meet as do Professor Dumbledore, Ron and Hermione See chapter one summary for parings and characters

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A/N: Sorry this took so long. Work, School, and writers block prevented me from getting it out sooner. Once again this has not been proof read so the grammar may and probably will be bad in some places. I did run it through the spell check on MS-Word though. I hope you enjoy and hopefully it will not take me as long to get the next chapter I am hoping to have it out in a week.

Chapter 2

Harry Potter had just entered his room at the Sanderson when he heard a knock at his door. Opening the door reviled a stunningly beautiful young lady (insert your dream girl here) wearing a formfitting dress that barely covered her butt. Harry had only a moment to admire the vision of beauty in front of him when she excitedly screamed out "Harry!" while jumping into his arms wrapping her arms and legs around him kissing him as if her life depended on it, of which he happily replied in kind.

After about a minute the finally broke apart from there lip lock still holding each other close.

"I missed you" Harry stated quietly

"I can tell" Tonks said mischievously running her hand the front of his pants


"You bet Harry, Oh and I missed you too" Tonks responded

They stood there in contented silence for a moment before Tonks broke the silence with a question that she had wanted to ask since they had received his letter yesterday

"Harry did you really mean what you wrote in your last letter. I mean about me not being single for to long?" Tonks asked almost fearing the answer

"Well you're not really single now" Harry teased

"You prat you know what I mean" She said cuffing him on the head

"Yes I know what you mean and yes I meant every word that is if you'll have me. Hopefully sometime soon after I finish my last year" Harry answered her hope and fear entering his voice

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" Tonks Exclaimed excitedly, before kissing him again.

Picking her up Harry carried Tonks into the bedroom closing the door behind them.
(Warning: Gratuitous Sex behind closed door, please disregard all screams, grunts and all other noise, most important NO PEAKING! Hey I said NO PEAKING!)

Six hours later Harry and Tonks lay in bed holding each other close
"We missed dinner" Harry said Dully
"Yeah but it was worth it."
"Hell yes it was, Great as always"
"You bet your sweet ass it was, now go to sleep." Tonks said finishing the conversation, letting the two lovers fall blissfully asleep.

Grimmauld Place

Albus Dumbledore was for the first time in many years not in complete control of a situation. He needed control of Harry Potter, though the last few days that seemed to be an impossible feet, 'if I was perfectly honest with myself the chance of gaining control of one Harry James Potter years ago.' Still there was a slimmer of hope since Mr. Potter has decide to attend Hogwarts for his final year of schooling, now if he could only get him where he could be watched and a slight amount of control could be exerted.

Looking around the room he took note of the current residents of the house. Molly, Percy, Ron and Hermione he knew he could count on. Ginerva he wasn't so sure about, she was too much like her older brothers, Ron and Percy excluded, to independent for her own good, or his as the case may be. Sirius and Remus of course would be no help at all.

After twenty minutes of arguing with Mrs. Weasley Dumbledore convinced her to take Ginny to Diagon Alley claiming he needed to speak with Ron and Hermione about their Head boy and girl duties for the upcoming year.

"Now that the others are gone professor what did you really want talk about?" Hermione asked as soon as the door shut.

Smiling he looked at the two teenagers "As you know Harry Potter will be attending Hogwarts this year. I fear from what I have heard about from Mr. Potter, and judging from the letter he sent, his attitude is will not suite our purposes."

"I agree professor, but what can we do about it?" Hermione asked

"I feel that while part of Mr. Potter attitude comes from living on his own for so long, another and equally important part is the influence of Sirius, Remus, and Nymphadora have had on him, and while we may not be able to do much about the first part. I believe that with your help we can do something about the second." Dumbledore answered

"What do you need us to do" Ron asked with enthusiasm

"I need you to befriend Mr. Potter keeping him away from the others as much as possible. To try and keep there influence on Mr. Potter to a minimum, while explaining the virtues of coming around to our way of thinking."

"Professor we will do our best, but from what we have all observed it's going to take more than keeping him away from the others voicing our own propaganda to him, and keeping him away from the others is going to be an extremely difficult task at best especially if he is dating Tonks." Hermione said voicing her concern.

"I very much agree with you Miss Granger, that is why I have arranged to keep those three extremely busy and away from Grimmauld place for a majority of the summer. I have also obtained a potion that will make him more susceptible to our influence, getting it into his food or drink is another part of your mission." Dumbledore answered looking at the two teens before continuing "I have arranged with Molly to marry Ginerva to Mr. Potter once the war is over, something that will bring you great wealth and influence in the Wizarding world, but this can only happen if we can bring Mr. Potter under our control."

"We will do our best professor" Hermione said with determination not to let her idol down.

"I expected nothing less Ms. Granger" Dumbledore said smiling at the two.

After finishing their conversation with the professor the two teens went to Ron's room to discuss what Dumbledore had told them.

Both Ron and Hermione where proud of the role they have been asked to play in the events that where about to play out and had confidence that professor Dumbledore knew what was best for all involved, after all he was Albus Dumbledore, and the fact that they would receive almost unlimited power and influence over Wizarding society if Dumbledore's plan succeeded didn't hurt either.

Ron was ecstatic over Ginny marrying into the Potter fortune and had already made plans for the galleons he was sure to get, it was only Hermione's reasoning that prevented him from going to far with his plans to soon. "We still need to convince Harry and your sister" Ron knew she was right he wasn't sure about Harry Potter, but he knew that Ginny would be against the whole idea though as pointed "We don't have to convince Ginny, she has to do as Mom says." Hermione didn't like idea of marriage contracts and in fact considered them barbaric and a few hundred years out of date, but if such a marriage allowed her to gain access to some the rarest tombs in the world, and give the money and power to make changes then she was ok with it. Ginny would just have to learn to like it for everyone else's sake.

They spent the rest of the day preparing for Harry's arrival the next day.

Diagon Alley the next day

Harry and Tonks arrived at the Leakey Cauldron about mid morning to meet with Sirius and Remus for breakfast. Upon seeing his godson Sirius along with Remus greeted him excitedly "Harry its great to have you back it was getting annoying..."

"Now Sirius there is no need to exaggerate" Remus responded interrupting Sirius who was giving him a pointed look

"Ok so maybe was getting a bit annoying having them pester us everyday as to Harry's whereabouts" Remus admitted.

"That's what I thought" Sirius responded smugly, while Harry and Tonks laughed at their friends antics.

After Tom had led the group to a small private dinning room, that Sirius had arranged for earlier, they sat and enjoyed breakfast.

"Harry I believe that Dumbledore is going to try and manipulate you through Ron and Hermione." Remus stated

"What make you think that?"

"Dumbledore was extremely anxious to get everyone out of the house today except for Ron and Hermione. He claimed it was to discuss there head duties, but that is something that could be talked about at anytime, and didn't to be held in secret." Remus reasoned

"Ok thanks for the heads up Remus"

"Now that I think about it Madame Bones told me that Dumbledore suggested that I be given an assignment in Dublin for the next few weeks" Tonks frowned before continuing "She told him that she couldn't due to the fact that I am on leave now, apparently that didn't go over to well and he tried to argue, but she wouldn't budge"

"You don't think he is trying to separate us?" Harry asked

"Yeah I do" Sirius stated as the other looked at him expectantly

"Well it makes sense he tried to get me and Remus to go on a mission to Germany which would keep us away from Harry until he went to Hogwarts, combine this with what Tonks and Remus told us, and it sounds like Dumbledore is going to try and separate us from Harry while surrounding him with people who will sprout Dumbledore propaganda"

"I'm shocked" Remus stated

"What you didn't think that the old man had it in him?" Sirius asked

"No I'm just shocked that you where the one to put this together" Remus responded with a smirk


"So what are we going to do now?" Tonks asked

"We try and find out who we can and cannot trust, both in the order and at Hogwarts" Harry stated

"Well besides Dumbledore the only ones to really watch out for are Snape, Molly, Percy, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. Dumbledore had them brought and paid for probably with you money. The Twins are probably ok, and I think we can trust Ginny also" Sirius interjected

"I'm not so sure about Ginny" Tonks interjected

"Oh why is that?"

"Well you know Molly has been trying to get her and Seamus to break up for a while now and talking up Harry a lot. She's been pretty resistant to the idea of going after someone she never met, but that may change when she gets a look at this piece of man flesh" Tonks said while putting her arm around Harry then kissing him on the check

"Well you're the only one for me babe"

"Stop!" Sirius and Remus exclaimed effectively putting to end what would have been an ongoing exercise in flirting...

"Spoilsport." Tonks mumbled

"At Hogwarts I've got Greenegrass and Davis in Slytherin, Abbot, Bones, and McMillan in Hufflepuff, Chang and Lovegood in Ravenclaw and Longbottom in Gryffindor
From what they tell me my only trouble should be from Malfoy and his death eater wanna bees, and Ron and Hermione, everyone else pretty much minds there own business" Harry interjected into the conversation

Looking at his watch Harry decided it was time to go as he and Tonks still had some things to do at Gringots before the Order meeting that evening. So after saying there goodbyes Sirius and Remus headed back to Grimmauld place while Harry and Tonks went to see the Goblins.


Harry and Tonks entered Gringots and immediately headed for Griphook's office. Griphook had sent Harry a letter telling him there may be a problem concerning a contract and that he needed to speak with him as soon as possible.

Once seated Griphook turned to his two guests, and started the meeting
"I shall get right to business. It seems that Albus Dumbledore in his role as Chief Warlock of Wizagmount and Molly Weasley as guarding of one Ginerva Weasley has entered the two of you into a marriage contract."

"WHAT!" Harry and Tonks yelled at the same time

"That bastard, hey how can he enter me into a contract he is not nor was he ever my guardian" Harry asked

"Yes well his role as Chief Wizagmount gives him the authority to enter any child not already married or already under a family created contract into a marriage contract. Before you get to excited there is a loophole that you may be able to take advantage of." Griphook answered

"Well" Harry motioned the goblin to continue.

"Yes well while he may have the authority to enter you into a contract he does not have the authority to force you to abide by the contract since he is not your family head, in fact since you are the Potter family head you can declare your end of the contract null and void."

"Great what do I need to do?" Harry asked looking at Griphook, who had a look as to say there is more that you need to know. Seeing this Harry sighed "I'm sensing a but there"

"Yes while this would certainly free you of your obligation of the contract. Miss Weasley would not be so lucky since it was one of her guardians who entered her into the contract as such if you declared your end null in void that would create a situation where she would be unable to full her side and she would loose her magic over a period of time" Griphook stated

"Wouldn't declaring my part of the contract null and void cause the whole contract to void?" Harry asked

"That would normally be the case, but marriage contracts are viewed as an oath to their magic, and sense a parent has the authority give a magical oath for there children who have not reached the age of majority yet it is there magic that is affected."

"So basically because Dumbledore is not my head of family he can not give a magical oath for me, but because Molly is Ginny's mother her can and because of this Ginny will never be able to fulfill an oath that she never made in the first place." Harry stated with disbelief

"That is correct. There is a way out for both of you though and that is for either Molly Weasley as the person who entered into the contract or Arthur Weasley as family head to declare her side of the contract null and void. Then all you would need to do is the same" Griphook stated with a smile.
"Great, now let's go to a meeting. There are some things that need to be discussed and I want everyone there." Harry stated determination etched in his face

"Why do you want everyone there?" Tonks asked

"From what you have told me before I'm not sure everyone knows of this contract and I want to see everyone's reactions especially those of the Weasleys

"Ooh this may be fun" Tonks smirked as the two of headed to Harry's car and then onto Grimmauld place.
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