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Chapter One

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Harry disapears from the Dursleys when he is seven, ten years later he returns and he is not the boy Albus Dumbledore was hoping for. pairings HP/NT, RW/HG, others Story has not been betad

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A/N: This will be an AU story. So please do not be surprised that many of the characters will be OOC.

Chapter One
The Meeting

Number Twelve Grimmauld Place (HQ for the Order of the Phoenix)

Sitting around a long rectangle table in the dinning room of number twelve Grimmauld place sat a large group of people in quit conversation waiting for the older man sitting at the head of the table to start.

Clearing his throat the old bearded man started the meaning. "We are here to discuss the return of Harry Potter his safety and his return to wizarding Briton. With that I ask once again for Sirius, Remus, or Nymphadora..."

"Tonks call me Tonks" a pink haired witch interrupted

"Yes, Yes" Dumbledore said as he continued "As I was saying I ask the three of you to inform us as to the whereabouts of young Harry."

Shaking his head Sirius spoke "Albus we have already told you we will not tell anyone of Harry's whereabouts until he says its ok. Though mind you while we can contact him we have no real way of knowing exactly where he is."

"Well then write the little brat and tell him to get his ass back here" Severus Snape exclaimed

"We have no control over Harry." Laughed Remus Lupin

"Surely the three of you can see the importance to Harry's safety that he is returned to us." Albus said eyes twinkling full blast.

"Harry is safe, and if you where so concerned about his safety you would have never left him with the Dursleys." Sirius spoke angrily

"We have been over this before; Mr. Potter was protected from death eater reprisals due to blood protections provided by his aunt." Dumbledore sighed.

"Protection from Death Eaters yes, but what protection did he have from the Dursleys when they where beating him" exclaimed Sirius.

"We have no proof..."

"Proof, you want proof, When we and if Harry decides to show himself you shall have all the proof you need when you view his scars." Yelled an angry Tonks

Dumbledore was seething on the inside despite his outward appearance of calm. Why couldn't these three see that his way was best for all concerned, clearing his head he decided to continue on with plan B.
"Since we cannot convince Mr. Potter to come back on his own then we shall need to take more drastic measures to ensure his return."

"What are you getting at Albus" Remus asked

Eyes twinkling Albus replies "I have mad arrangements through Wizagmount to have a law pass at out next session this coming Monday which states that any magical British subject who is the heir to a lordship must attend at least one year of schooling at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry or they loose said title and it monies and properties to the next qualified member in line or in the case there is no other possible heir, then said title, monies, and properties shall be turned over to Wizagmount where the chief Wizard or Witch will have the power to do with as he or she pleases"

"This is all very interesting Albus but how does it affect Harry? As he is no longer heir to the Potter lordship considering he gained the title on sixteenth birthday making him Lord Harry James Potter" Remus asked

"Yes well while that may be true. I do believe that he is Sirius's heir and very much doubt that he would want me or Mr. Draco Malfoy to receive the Black fortune"

Sirius just smirked at Dumbledore, as much as he hated the plan he had to admit to himself the plan had the possibility of if not actually working, but getting Harry to try a contact Dumbledore.

"Very well I send an owl tonight after the meeting letting him knows of your threats" Sirius stated.

"Good. How long before we except a reply from young mister Potter" Albus asked choosing to ignore Sirius' comment about threatening his godson.

"I don't know last I heard he was in the States, that was three weeks ago, he could be anywhere now" Sirius replied.

"Very Well"

"Once Harry Potter returns what then?" Hermione Granger asked looking at the Headmaster "I mean he hasn't had any formal schooling or training I highly doubt that he would be up to seventh year level." She finished with a bit of arrogance

"That is a good question. I was hoping that you and Mr. Weasley would be able to help in this area Ms. Granger" Dumbledore replied

Hermione and Ron both got smug looks on there faces before Hermione replied, "But of course we would be happy to help."

Remus, Sirius, and Tonks started laughing at the current conversation when they where interrupted by angry Hermione. "And just what do you lot find so funny."

"Yes I'm rather curious myself" Dumbledore added.

"Just because Harry didn't go to Hogwarts or any other school where Dumbledore has spies doesn't mean he didn't get an education. He has had some of the best instructors in the world training him. In fact his O.W.L. scores where first in Europe. I believe you finished second." Remus finished looking pointedly at Hermione

Hermione just huffed and glared at Remus while others smirked at the young girl.

Ron thinking he could help his girlfriend, and being Ron thought of a logically argument thinking that while Hermione, who was a muggle born, had the courage to enter into a world that was strange to her once she found out about herself being magical, where as Harry Potter didn't in fact he chose to runaway instead. There was just two problems with this one Ron Weasley had no idea what Harry Potter's life was like, although he thought he did, and two Ron Weasley was about to speak. Looking at Remus and stated "At least Hermione isn't a coward like Harry Potter is"

The three Harry Potter supporters looked at Ron like he grew a second head.
"Excuse me did you just call Harry Potter a coward?" Tonks asked as she glared at Ron causing him to sink back into his chair.

"Umm Yeah"

"Well listen here mister Harry is one of if not the bravest person I know. Harry has fought Death Eaters, Giants, Vampires, Werewolves, and other creatures that have threatened him or the innocents; he has gone into burning buildings to rescue a child. Hell once he even saved Charlie from one of his Dragons..." stopping realizing she may have just said to much took a look around the room and observed the Weasleys, along with everyone else. Charlie turned red and suddenly found the carpet on the floor very interesting. His brothers and Arthur looked at Charlie with surprised looks and Molly looked like she was about to burst.

Remus trying to save everyone in the room from tirade that was about to burst from Molly Weasley spoke up "I'm sure we would all like to know more about Charlie's adventure, but lets let the Weasleys sort that out in private. Back to Harry he has never sought fame or glory for his deeds, but only to help others, something that could not be said of you Mr. Weasley." Remus said looking at Ron pointedly before finishing "or any of us really"

"I think it also important to point out the fact that Harry has some important allies, such as the Vampires, Werewolves, and the Goblins" Sirius added

"Hey I thought you said he fought against Vampires and Werewolves" Ron stated indignantly

"I did. Generally that was before the time he convinced King Fampir to let his daughter marry King Blaidd Dyn son, then vice versa. In the end he managed to convince everyone that the marriage was in the best interest of everyone plus the couple really loved each other, thus Harry managed to end a thousand year war. Oh and we can't forget that both Kings and their children owe Harry a life debt." Remus finished off with a smirk.

"You mentioned that he had the Goblins as allies" Bill intervened

"Yes well Harry uses a pseudo when dealing with Gringots; I believe you know him as crochenyddion

"That's Harry" Bill exclaimed in surprise.

"Does this present a problem?" Dumbledore asked

"Yes it could present a very big problem, though it could also be beneficial to us also." Bill replied pausing for moment to gather his thoughts

"Would you care to explain" Snape asked snidely

"Yes I was about to" Bill said giving Snape a glowering look before continuing

"The Goblins would cut off a person's access to their vaults for a period of time if he asked them to. In fact I believe he has shut out the Malfoys on numerous occasions I believe he can only do it for a period ninety days at a time and he generally does it when they or death eater needs money to make an investment that would increase their wealth or add to Voldemort's coffers, while that sounds good keep in mind I doubt he would have any problems doing that to any of us if we pissed him off."

"Very well we'll keep all this into account when dealing with young Harry. Sirius I believe you have a letter to write other than that meeting is adjourned."

Three days later

Albus Dumbledore sat contemplating recent events which answered a lot of his questions like how he lost control of the Potter finances, most disturbing was the political and apparently magical power Harry Potter had. This would not do he had spent to much time positioning himself to be the most powerful person in the Wizarding world and going down into the history books equal to Merlin himself. Although he knew that he was too old to really enjoy the power for an extended period of time, he had set up Percy and Ron Weasley to take over control once Voldemort and Harry killed each other. The price for such power the two Weasleys or three if include Molly Weasley, who came onboard almost immediately, that they would take a binding magical oath to a.)To run the magical world in a way in which he thought best, for this he wrote down instructions for them to follow. B.)To make sure that he was remembered throughout history as one of the greatest wizards alive. Silently he continued to be lost in his thoughts when Sirius entered the room

"I have a response from Harry"

Finally some good news Dumbledore thought "Excellent and what, is young Mr. Potters reply?"

"I'm sorry Harry put a spell on the letter that will not allow me to talk about the letter until the next order meeting, it seems he wanted everyone to here at the same time." Sirius responded. Though inside he was smirking what Harry wrote once revealed many people would not be happy, and once he followed up on Harry's instructions in the letter. People would be very unhappy, though they may be a bit happy about the last part.

Two hours later found once again the Order assembled at number twelve Grimmauld place.

Dumbledore opened the meeting "Welcome everyone I believe we should get straight to the matter at hand which is Harry Potter's response to Sirius' letter so for now I turn over the meeting to Sirius."

"Thank you' Sirius said clearing his throat

"Before I begin with Harry's reply I need to say some things that relate to Harry's reply. I Sirius Black head of the Noble house of Black herby Strike Narcissa Malfoy nee Black and her family from the Black family herby ending any and all claims to the black family they may have had." With those words a bright blue light left Sirius.

"Yes that is all well and good, but if you could get to Mr. Potter" Dumbledore asked in a stern voice.

"Yes well there is more and this all has to do with Harry reply." Sirius responded looking at Dumbledore

"I Sirius Black herby welcome Andromeda Tonks her family back into the noble and ancient house of Black. I also herby name Nymphadora Tonks as my heir as the head of the noble and ancient house of Black." Once finished another bright blue light exited Sirius only this time it entered Tonks.

"Do you have any idea what you just did" Exclaimed an angry Albus Dumbledore

"Well let's see I took away what may be your only way to influence Harry's life and if you're wondering how I was able to appoint Tonks as my heir, well all will be explained once I read Harry's letter."

Pulling out a piece of parchment he unfolded the sheet and begun to read outloud

I see Dumbledore is still trying to control my life when will the barmy old goat learn. Oh well. Sirius first thing you need to do is disown Narcissa from the Black family doing this will eliminate Draco Malfoy from ever gaining headship of the Black family and it money. Then you need to welcome back into the family Andromeda thus allowing Tonks to become a legal Black. Then you need to make Tonks your heir. I know that women are not allowed to be family heads, stupid rule really, but there is a loophole a female may inherit the head position if there is no other blood male relatives left once again referring to why you kicked Narcissa out of the family, which should have been done years ago. The only catch is that Tonks must marry within the next three years, which between you and me and I guess everyone now will not be a problem especially if our relationship continues as it is

"Yahoooo!" Exclaimed an excited Tonks

"Sorry" she apologized turning red at the looks she was getting

"Not a problem" Sirius Smirked before finishing

"I think that now I should reveal that I had always intended on attending Hogwarts for my seventh year. So I will be at number twelve sometime on August 1 or maybe the second, depending on how things on the thirty-first go. Tonks meet me at our usually place on the Thirty-first.

Lord Harry James Potter

Tonks was excited it had been a month since she had herself some Harry and if his letter was anything to go by soon she would be Nymphadora Tonks-Potter. Looking at around the room she noticed everyone with the exception of Sirius and Remus where looking at her.

"What. Yes Harry and I are dating, and yes we waited until he was of age before we had Sex, and yes he is an absolute the greatest in bed. Now then sense tomorrow is the thirty-first I need to get to bed as tomorrow I have a feeling will be exhausting." She finished with a smirk, before getting up a leaving.

"Well I guess that's that" Remus laughed as he and Sirius got up, leaving the others to once again contemplate what had just transpired.
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