Review for Stop. Rewind. Replay

Stop. Rewind. Replay

(#) clutsy_93 2007-10-30

that was very very descriptive,
Ha! he got bashed by a girl benji will probably make up some crap?
I have a funny feeling lol . .
that, that wasn't the end of him though? Update soon, and I love that you respond to you're reviews I also come back to see if you're responded.
Love It :)

Update soon...

Author's response

Of course. Stop. Rewind. Replay wouldn't be Stop. Rewind. Replay without Benji's rubbish.
The end of Benji? How could you siggest such a thing? Honestly! I though tyou could read my mind. :P
I'm glad you appreciate my responses, and I'm glad you go and read them.
Good good.

I'll try!