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Chapter Eighteen

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It's only slight violence. Honest!

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Chapter Eighteen

Later on there was another knock at the door. She glanced at Mikey who was absorbed in a soccer match. He didn’t even look up. She shook her head. She pushed herself out of the grey armchair she was curled up in and padded to the door. She pulled it open, as she glanced at her watch. Eleven. She should really be kicking Mikey out sometime soon.
Her head jerked up sharply and she made to close the door. Benji stopped her.
“Look babes, I know what you said on Saturday night but I guess you were hormonal or something.”
Her eyes narrowed, and the easy smile that had been on her face disappeared. “Get the hell out of here Benji.”
He grinned; that lazy cocky smirk that she’d once found so endearing. “You know you want to give them something to really talk about Jo.”
As she stepped back from him, he stepped into the house. He reached out towards her and she smacked his hand away.
“Take a long walk off a short cliff,” she snapped.
“Anna?” The words died on Mikey’s lips as he walked into the hallway and saw the two people. “Get lost Richards.”
Benji laughed. “Sorry, am I interrupting a romantic evening? So sorry.”
Mikey squared up to him, despite the fact that Benji was broader, taller, older and stronger. “Leave.”
“Uh…how about no.” Benji swung a punch at the other boy, who, although he ducked, didn’t duck in time. He ended up sprawled on the floor.
“Now.” He turned back to Joanna. “Where were we-“ He never finished his sentence as her fist came flying towards him. He clutched his jaw in agony. “You bitch.”
She raised her eyebrows. “Get out.” He took one look at her as she stood in a defensive way.
“See you round Jo.” And he stalked out. She slammed the door behind him, and then rushed to Mikey’s side.
“You okay?”
He groaned and sat up, rubbing his forehead. “Do I look okay?”
“Do you want an honest answer?” she asked.
He rolled his eyes. “Are you ok?” he asked, looking at her.
“Yeah I’m fine. Mom made me do a basic judo course before we moved here. Now I see why.” She shrugged. “Come on. Up you get.” She offered him a hand. He took it and got to his feet.
He looked at her closely. “No, you’re not okay.” H e put an arm round her and steered her to the sofa, where she sat down heavily.
“Can we just kill him?” she asked softly. “Just, I don’t know, put a bullet through his brain.”
“You don’t mean that,” Mikey said. He sounding like he was to convince himself, not just her.
“No. I don’t,” she agreed. She yawned, pushing her long hair out of her face. “I should probably be kicking you out right about now.”
He looked offended. “So I took a blow for you and you’re kicking me out? That’s harsh Anna.”
“Sorry,” she hung her head. He ruffled her hair.
“Oh! I, er, knew that,” she grinned sheepishly at him. He laughed.
“/Sure/ you did.”

Mikey slept over that night. And before anybody with a sick and perverted mind says anything, NOTHING happened okay? We were friends. I just remember falling asleep next to him on the sofa.
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