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Chapter Seventeen

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Chapter Seventeen

She just managed to stop the door slamming in her face.
“Mia. Please,” she said with a slight edge in her voice.
“Fine.” The brunette folded her arms as she stood in the doorway. “You have two minutes.”
”I didn’t sleep with Benji,” Joanna began.”
“Please,” Mia laughed maliciously. “Is that all you’ve got to say?”
“Look. He must have been sucking face with you before he came up to the balcony,” Joanna explained, almost feverishly. “He kissed me and yes I kissed back. That was it. Then he tried to put his hand up my top and I kicked him in the balls. Then I left. That was all that happened. You saw me leave Mia.” The last sentence sounded like she was pleading. Mia remained impassive. “I wouldn’t have had time to. Mia, he’s just lying to try to get to me cause I rejected him.”
“But why would you reject him? It’s obvious you like him.”
“I’m fourteen!” Joanna reacted. “It’s illegal and he was probably slightly drunk and I don’t want my first time to be a drunken mistake.”
There was a silence for a minute.
“I guess that’s my two minutes up then.” Joanna sighed. “I haven’t lied to you before. Why would I lie now?” She shrugged brokenly and turned to walk away.
“Jo!” She turned to look at Mia. “I believe you. Still friends?”
A smile of pure relief spread across Joanna’s face. “Course.”

Of course, I’d only done it really to save my reputation, not to salvage the friendship, though that was bonus. The thing was I was fed up of America and all its stupid cliques.

“Yeah Mom and Dad left earlier,” Joanna said, as she opened her wardrobe.
“They’ve left you alone?” Mikey replied, holding the phone closer to his ear. “You gonna be ok?”
“Yeah.” She snorted. “Come on. I’m a big girl Mikey. I can cook and dress myself.” She took a red top out of the wardrobe and flung it on her bed.
“That’s not what I meant and you know it,” Mikey replied. “When are they back?”
“Well today’s Monday and they’re gone for three days so-“
“Three days!” Mikey yelped. “Are they mad?”
“You’ve met my parents, what do you think? Anyways, I gotta go. I have homework to do,” she told him.
“’Kay,” he said unsurely. “But if you get scared or whatever call me okay?”
“Fine Dad,” she teased. “See you tomorrow.”

Yes, he was right, my parents were mad but it meant I had three days with no-one telling I’d put some weight on, or rolling their eyes because of what I was wearing.
She was nervously pacing around the living room. The truth of it was she was slightly scared. There had been three police cars gone screaming past the house, closely followed by an ambulance. There was the soundtrack form the movie playing in her head.
She finally gave in and dialled the house number of Mikey Way.
“Yeah. Anna?”
“Yup. Erm, Mikes, I’m being a wimp again…”
“I’ll be right over,” he told her, and put the phone. “Gee!” he yelled. “Can I have a lift?”
“I guess,” was his brother’s weary reply. “Where?” Mikey gave him the address. “Is that where the Anna chick lives?” Mikey nodded. “I’m not driving you somewhere to make out with your girlfriend.”
“She’s not my girlfriend!” Mikey protested. “But she is my friend and she’s upset.”

I was actually scared. I’d never really been in the house on my own for a long period of time. Mom was always around.

There was a loud knocking on the door. “Anna?”
She opened the door. “Mikes!” She beamed and flung her arms around him.
“Uh, hey.”
She embarrassedly let go of him and he stepped inside the house. He waved at car, before shutting the door behind him.
She smiled shyly at him. “I’m just a wimp aren’t I?”
He grinned. “You said it not me.”
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