Review for Lights! Camera! Journal Posting!

Lights! Camera! Journal Posting!

(#) HateAllFear 2007-11-03

Yeah, you just want to Spencer Spencer, dontcha??
Tee hee.
I'd just like to point out a highly amusing coincidence here; as soon as you posted this on FicWad, NO ONE posted any Journal entries on

Maybe they read your story and Jon does not wish to get caught!
Tee hee, could you imagine the look on Ry's face if he read about himself screaming "FIFTY FIRST DATES!!!" at the top of his lungs?
Ah-ha hahaha ha... Evil thoughts.


Author's response

Of COURSE I just want to Spencer Spencer, what ELSE would I want to do?
Damn, we need to send Jesika to pester Brendon to pester other peoples to post more journals!

::bursts out laughing:: We shall have to show this to him some day. He'll think that I'm evenmore of a freak than I already am.