Review for The Acts Of Betrayal

The Acts Of Betrayal

(#) Teresa 2007-11-13

^5's!!!!! A most excellent chapter! I'm glad to see that Hermione is healing with the love and support of Harry and doubt the bond has helped the process. It also helped that her friends are supporting the three wholeheartedly. As for the "Potion Princess" if she has any brains at all she'll take his warning seriously, especially after seeing the Ferret/Snivellous Morning Show. Harry spoke of selling tickets for what his wives would do to her, well methinks he could have sold them for that event.... three quarters of the school and most of the alumni will be sorry they missed it! Dumbles really should give it a rest, he had to know that Snape and Malfoy are stupid enough not quit when they've lost. I had the impression that Dumbles hadn't even bothered to warn Snape that Harry had full accesss to his power and that he was either number four or five on his list. Come to think of it, do Dumbles and Voldy share the top spot? As for Umbridge, she was already in the top ten, that remark about Hermione will have her moving up the line quickly......mostly because Harry and his wives might just start consolidating and grouping their irritants. I loved hearing what they did to Tonks! It always helps to have a good relationship with law enforcement. Dumbles had better start thinking about retirement, and that's if he's lucky. It's starting to look as though he'll end up on trial one way or another; either the legal system ot the court of public opinion. My bet would be both. He'll soon be facing McGonagall and the other teachers once they get the entire story. Hmmmm.....his ears will be burning for a long time, and that's not including the future face to face commentary of the staff. Many thanks again for writing such a great story, and I totally enjoyed the smackdowns that have taken place so far! As for Neville, will the next chapter show his reaction to being on the bachelor's list? Chuckle, he'll probably remember Harry's remarks during that visit and swear that it's all his fault!

Author's response

Good guess about Neville... The confrontations start in two chapters, first Ron, then Molly, then the death eaters, then Dumbles and Tommy together.