Review for you can keep my brother

you can keep my brother

(#) winnie_55 2007-11-17

Sky was brave to tell Gerard, is Gerard as ok about it as he's trying to appear? Cos the glaring at Bruce makes me think he's kinda upset. He must be a bit jealous, there's a difference between him having a dream about someone unattainable like Christina Ricci and Sky dreaming about his manager! Anyway, I loved this chapter, I am becoming a bit obsessed! lol.

Author's response

lol i'm welcoming any kind of obsession concerning the story so go ahead...but yeah you touched a point there, gerard isn't as cool as he seems about it, do you have any ideas how i can put his uncoolness about it in the story? cause i wanna go there but i have no idea how...well i have a few but they seem kinda blah to me...