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Christina Ricci & Bruce.

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I know I can't hide forever but I can try!

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Bruce's face faded away and was replaced by darkness and Peter's smiling face, I felt the sweat trickle down my spine and forehead, "Fuck"
"It was just a bad dream", Peter reassured me with a tired grin.
"Yeah", I collapsed back into my pillow, "Are we there yet?"
"Nah", he shook his head, "Just a couple more miles".
"I can replace you", I tried to gain control over my breathe.
"Don't fuss, I just parked so I could wake you up. You seemed to have one hell of a dream", he looked so tired, like he's gonna fall asleep any minute now but I didn't push, I couldn't get over my driving hatred.
I nodded, wrapping myself with a blanket and following him to the front of the bus.
"Coffee?", he stuck a cup into my hand and poured some black coffee into it.
I made myself comfortable in the nearest seat to the driver, I curled into a ball, opened the window a little allowing the cold rush of air to calm me down.
I gulped the coffee and made a face, "Fierce"
Peter looked at me in the mirror and shrugged, "So what did you dream about?"
I diverted my gaze out of the window, into the black night.
What I dreamt about? I dreamt about having sex with Bruce, my husband's manager. That's what I dreamt about, "Just shit", I took another zip of coffee, "Do you believe in dreams?"
He laughed a little, "Not really, just a bunch of crap"
"But still it gotta mean something", I insisted.
"I dunno", Peter shrugged, "Just crap that got stuck in your head and got mixed up".
"Kinda like a thoughts salad", I mused.
"Yeah something like that".
So which part got stuck in my head? Bruce and lust? How does these two mix up?
OK I admit...Bruce is one hell piece of work but from that to sleeping with him?
God, I felt so bad. I'm supposed to be dreaming about Gerard not Bruce!
How do I tell Gerard? Do I even tell him? Isn't it cheating?
My mind felt like exploding, "Pete", I started not knowing how to continue...Do you think having a wet dream about my husband's manger is normal?
"Hmm", he leaned back tiredly and yawned.
"Did you ever had these kind of dreams?...", I trailed off, feeling myself blushing.
"What? Horror?", he sneaked a look at me from the road.
"No. More like...Um...You know...", I took another zip of the coffee.
He frowned not getting my drift.
"You know...", I bit my lip, "When you're with someone you're not supposed to be with".
"Ohhhh", he smirked, "That kinda dream. Loads of times, it's totally normal".
"It is", I breathed out with relief, "Of course it is".
"So did you dream about me", he laughed, kinda giving me the eye.
"Pete", I rolled my eyes.

Even though Peter reassured me it's OK to fuck who ever in a dream, I still felt uneasy so I did the Skyler thing to do when things spin beyond my control and hid.
I avoided Gerard (and Bruce) in every way I could, hunching behind Ronald as we walked around the venue, having people bring me food to my hiding places (which included bushes, toilettes and random empty merch booths) and yeah I know I can't hide forever but I can try!
"Hey", someone whispered in my ear, sending me jumping up and screaming my little black heart out.
I spun around to see a one very surprised Gerard, "Jumpy much?"
"Don't do it", I grumbled, rubbing my eyes.
"What's wrong", Gerard's voice was full of concern and I felt so fucking guilty!
"Nothing", I shrieked with a smile.
"Don't lie", he told me gently, "Is it Ronald again?"
I wish I could dream about fucking Ronald, then I could just laugh about it...Is it what's it all about? Deep down I really wouldn't mind fucking Bruce?! And that's why I feel so fucking guilty?!
God! I'm horrible! I can't look Gerard in the eye...His innocent not suspecting hazel eyes...
I shook my head and gulped.
"Then what is it, sugar?", he held my cheek in his palms and stared into my eyes, trying to read my mind.
"God I can't do this anymore!", I cried out in desperation, all the running around and hiding really wore me out.
"Oh baby", he pulled me into a hug, "It'll be over soon. I know you're exhausted".
"No", I pushed him away, "I can't hide from you anymore".
"Why would you do that?", he frowned.
"Because I had this stupid dream", I blurted out and immediately regretted it.
Gerard nodded, encouraging me to go on.
"Like I was with someone I wasn't supposed to be with", I muttered really quickly.
He kept on nodding, "And.."
"And Bruce was in my dream", I looked down, kinda waiting for the explosion.
Gerard smiled awkwardly, "Doing what?".
"Gerard", I whined, "You know. I'm so sorry"
"Don't be", he wrapped his arms around me, kissing the top of my head, "No biggie"
"Did you ever dream shit like that?", I asked into his hoodie.
He was silent for a while, I pulled away to see him smirking, "Gerard!", no wonder he was so fucking forgiving!
"It's just normal, baby", he tried his best to cover up his fucking sly smile and pull on a straight face, the worst thing about it is that he was failing miserably.
"Who?!", I wriggled away from him.
"God, it's just a dream!," he tried to put his arms around me again but I was having none of it, "Who?!"
"Come on", he laughed, "It doesn't matter now".
"Who?!", I hissed.
"Well you were there", he couldn't contain his disgusting smile.
"And...?", I felt like I'm gonna chop his head off.
"Christina Ricci", he finally confessed, grinning widely.
"Christina Ricci?", I was dumbstruck, jaw hanging, the whole package.
"Christina Ricci", he licked his lips!
The motherfucker licked his lips!, "The actress?"
"Yeah the actress", he nodded, looking beyond me with this pleasured blank expression like he's remembering shit.
I rolled my eyes.
"What's up guys", Bruce came out of the catering tent with Ray.
Fuck! The last person I wanna see right now! Can I die now? Please?
Gerard noticed my blushing and winked at me, putting his arm protectively around on me.
Bruce casted a dark look on Gerard's arm around me and then looked around to see if there's any cameras or fans around.
"We were just talking about you", Gerard squeezed me.
"Oh yeah?", Bruce cocked his eyebrow and looked from me to Gerard.
I pinched Gerard's ass as hard as I could to let him know I'm not feeling his little smart assness but I think he took it the wrong way and just smiled at me, "Yeah. Skyler just told me how your tattoos rock her world".
Bruce beamed at me, "Thanks"
Ray looked at all of us funny, he knew us long enough to see that something's not right.
Some dude called Ray and Bruce over.
"So what did he do to make you so flushed, angel?", Gerard leaned to whisper in my ear, his breath sent shivers down my spine and he looked pleased to have this effect on me.
"Stop it", I pouted.
He'll taunt me forever with this.
"Come on, I wanna know how to pleasure you too", he smirked and slipped his hand in my back pocket slowly.
"Gerard", I wailed.
"What? Only Bruce can fuck you?", he whispered again cause some people went by.
"Shut up", I gave him a look, "You fucked that Christina chic too"
"That's different".
"No it's not", I insisted.
"It is", he kissed me, took his hand out of my pocket and spanked me a little, "You know Bruce. You can realize your little dream any moment now, I don't know Christie".
So it's Christie now? But I didn't say anything, I noticed the looks Gerard was giving Bruce, he was eyeing him and not in a good way...I don't want them to have any troubles because of my little stupid dreams.
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