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Whoring is a verb?

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"Arrgg", my phone went off in my pocket.
"Annoyed much?", Alessa cocked her eyebrow and watched me fish for my phone.
"I keep getting these weird calls lately", I grunted, "I dread answering it sometimes.
"Hello?", I grunted into the phone.
I heard someones breathing and then giggles and then more breathing, "Hello?", I heard some one say something at the background and then they were hushed at. I rolled my eyes and hung up.
"Fans?", alessa asked.
"I don't know, I wish they'd say something", I moaned, "All I hear is breathing and giggling".
"Definitely fans", Alessa determined, "Stop being so nice, they take advantage of it".
"I can't be mean to them", I explained, "I remember being a fan".
"Yeah but you weren't stalking members of your favorite band or their girlfriends", Alessa took out her own beeping phone, "I want to see what they'll do if someone stalked them".
"They don't stalk me", I watched people go by past us, to a gig, from a gig.
"They just call in strange hours".
Alessa snickered.
"I wouldn't mind talking to them, you know", I looked at her, she was typing something in her sidekick, "But they never say anything".
"I stopped counting how many times I changed my number", she said distracted, "And they still find me. Then I lost it and lashed out at the girl, so now I have hate communities, it got worse actually but they can bite me over the Internet".
"I really don't know how they got these pictures of me and Gee, we were trying to keep a low profile", I sighed, "It's scary sometimes, I mean, strangers knowing your name and who you are. Freaks me out sometimes"
"You'll get used to it", she smiled, "Some are nice, some are fucking insane"
"It's the insane I fear", I glanced at my watch, I still had 10 minutes.
"The worst they can do is spread rumours and I haven't heard that anyone die from it", she waved to someone, I turned to look who she was waving to and made a face, it was Gerard and the tour's hair stylist and Gerard's alter ego, otherwise known as Liz.
I swear, based on the time they're spending together, you'd think they attached by the hip.
He spent more time with her than with his actual wife, it's not my fault I actually work.
And I hated how she made it look like they're more than friends, I mean she gave me her myspace and buzznet, so I looked it up and if I didn't know better, I'd think they're involved.
I mentioned this once to Gerard but he said he's just friends with her, that she's a nice girl.
What could I say? I was all over Mikey and Ray and Frank and Bob sometimes too but it didn't mean we're dating, and Gerard never said anything about my tight relationship with any of them. But then again, that was different...We grew up together...I have a special title of a best friend that allowed me to be all over them...Liz however, was just whoring around...

"What's up", Gerard bent to give me a kiss. More likely brush my lips.
"On our 15 minute break", Alessa smirked. She didn't smile much, she always smirked.
"We're too", Liz had such obnoxious loud voice my ears bled.
"Joined the band?", I tried to smile playfully but Gerard gave me a look so it must have looked like I wanted to strangle her, which I kinda did.
"Almost", she giggled. Loudly.
I remembered that Shirley asked me to tell Liz when I see her that she wants to interview her, I guess it's interview the whore week, "Liz, Shirley wanted to interview you for the website. You should go to her".
"Little old me?", her jaw dropped, "There not much to say really".
"Whatever", I mumbled, "Just find her"
She beamed at me, "Are you coming, Gee?".
"Nah, I'll stay", he declined.
The corners of her mouth dropped ,"Alessa?".
"Why not", Alessa shrugged and got up, brushing off her jeans, "See you guys".
"Bye", I waved. Mainly to Alessa
"Good luck", Gerard gave Liz the thumbs up which made her grin so hard, her nose might have fallen off.
"What do you find in her?", I said when he sat next to me on the curb.
"She's a nice kid", he shrugged.
"She's using you to bust up her career", I spat angrily.
"Oh please Skyler, we're just friends", he put his arm around my shoulder.
"You should see her Internet profiles, even I forget sometimes that I'm your wife and not her", I stared ahead at the crowds of people cheering to some band on stage
"That's why I stay away from the Internet", he giggled.
"She annoys me", I insisted.
"She's my friend", he removed his hand.
"She still annoys me", I looked him in the eye.
"Welcome to the club", his smile slipped off.
I just stared at him waiting for explanation.
"Billy annoyed me and I actually had a reason to hate him and you still hung out with him", he said stubbornly.
"It was different", I shook my head.
He chuckled, "How?".
"I wasn't pretending to date him to get job offers", I spat.
"It's in you imagination. Liz wouldn't do it", he took out his cigarettes and looked for a lighter.
"Are you calling me a liar?", I helped myself to a cigarette, "Because that's exactly what she does".
"All I'm saying that you have no reasons to be jealous of her", he eyed me evilly when I lighted my cigarette and closed my eyes while taking a drag.
My eyes widened, "Jealous?? Me??".
"It looks like that", he shrugged and snatched the cigarette from my mouth.
"What the fuck?", I took it back, "You have a full pack".
"You shouldn't smoke", he pouted and took it away again, I didn't smoke very often, only when I was stressed out.
"And I don't want you to hang out with Liz", I glared at him.
"She's my fucking friend!", he raised his voice .
"She's using you"," I stood up ,"And I'm not fucking jealous of the fucking whore!".
"She's not a whore, Skyler", he rolled his eyes at me. How dare he roll his eyes at me. At me!
"She is! Who heard of her before she posted pictures of you? No one!", I yelled a little.
"It's just rumours, it's not her fault. No one can control it", he took a drag from MY cigarette.
"What did she do to you? You absolutely blind when it concerns her", I yelled.
"Shut up, Skyler", he looked around to see if no one heard me, "Don't make a fucking a scene".
I flipped him off, "Go fuck Liz. I actually have work to do", I stormed off, leaving him behind.
He can run off to find comfort in Liz's arms, I'm late for work.

It was a loud party, I was sitting on a folding chair, drinking my beer with Alessa, Mikey and Sophie.
They were talking and laughing, I wasn't listening, I kept glaring at Gerard who was standing around with Ben and Liz, laughing drunkenly, he didn't notice me or cared, "Hey! Pete", I waved to the bassist of self harm, I figure I could get cigarettes from him.
"Sky babe", he greeted me with a hug.
"Can I borrow a few cigarettes?", I smiled sweetly at him, using all the girl charm I could master.
"For a sexual favor?", he winked.
"Just like last time", I giggled. I liked Pete, we always had the most random, out of this world conversations.
Pete felt his pockets, "Shit, I must have forgotten them in our bus", he sent me an apologizing look.
"I swear, you're so cheap", I rolled my eyes, I was annoyed but he took it as a joke.
"He's extremely cheap", Alessa smirked, Pete was her ex so they were quiet awkward.
"Yo Jack", he called to his drummer, "Fetch some smokes for sexy Sky here".
Jack actually stood next to Gerard and Liz, so Pete's scream got their attention too, I was pleased.
Gerard's eyes followed Jack who came over to us and handed his pack to me, I took 3 and lit one, taking it in with my eyes closed, "Thanks guys", I smiled at them.
They grabbed 2 chairs and sat down with us.
I caught Gerard not pleased look and took another drag with a smile and laid my head on Pete's shoulder.

I'm not really happy with this chapter but I ran out of idea on how to fix it so if you have any suggestion, I'd love to hear 'em!
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