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Hurt me.

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Not what you expected...

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It was a small space, kinda like a garage. Cramped with instruments and car shit, tools and all kinds of oil bottles. It had everything but a car.
It was so small not even kiddie bicycle could fit in.
The drum set alone took about 2/3 of the space, not much of a wriggling room.
Everybody but Bob had to stand. The guys played one of their older songs, our lady of sorrow.
I knew every detail about the garage, I knew the details so well, anything from an oil stain to this hook plate thingy they hook the keys on.
I studied all the details really well, looked anywhere but in his direction, I noticed his stares, burning my body everywhere he looked.
He wasn't focused on the music much, his eyes told me that.
The guys wrapped up their rehearsal.
"Great job, guys", Bruce clapped enthusiastically.
"Are you sure? Cause I'm not really sure about this last song", Gerard said with hesitation, scratching the back of his head with the mic.
"Yeah I think the second verse is kinda lame", Frankie chipped in.
"I thought that that was awesome", Bruce sighed, "Really. Don't overwork yourself"
"Well we do have a deadline", Mikey said, taking off his bass.
"I know guys", Bruce reassured, "You'll do just great"
Gerard and Frank exchanged looks and shrug at each other.
"You wanna go out to eat?", Ray placed his guitar in his guitar case and looked around.
They all murmured their agreement and piled out of the garage.
"Sky, are you coming?", Frank was the last one to exit the garage.
"I gotta clear away your instruments", I waved at the scattered instruments.
"Do it later", he shrugged.
"I prefer to do it now and get it over with", I smiled and turned my back on him to start and take apart the drum set put it away.
Hands crept around my waist.
I gasped a little, thinking everybody already left.
"I saw how you were looking at me", he traced the bend of my jeans.
I smiled. He was the one to talk.
He turned me around to face him and got really close to me, close enough for me to feel his warm breathe on my face but not close enough to kiss him.
He placed his lips on my neck and licked slowly, then he pulled away, smirked at me and shoved his tongue into my mouth forcefully.
I wrapped my arms around his neck and let his cold hands creep under my shirt.
He moved up to trace the line of my bra and then down to my jeans.
My belt kinda got in the way of his hands so he undid it easily, with one swift move without taking his mouth off mine.
When the belt was finally out of the way, he quickly unbuttoned my jeans and slipped his hand into my panties, making me resist a little.
I pulled away and stepped back into the wall, I was about to zip my pants back up when he grabbed my wrists and pulled them behind my back and shook his head at me, smirking.
I tried to wriggle away from him but his grip on me was too tight and truth to be told, I didn't want to get away. I just hated to be out of control like that.
He pulled my hands further behind my back, hurting me. My head kinda bent back along with my hands.
He took the opportunity to suck on my neck again.
I wriggled again to try and free my wrists from his painful grip.
"Are you in pain?", he asked in a low whisper.
I nodded, I wasn't comfortable and my fingers felt kinda numb.
"Am I hurting you?", he pulled my hands even harder.
I winced, "Yeah".
"So painful you're gonna scream?", he twisted my arms behind my back.
I didn't say anything but leaned away from him.
He shoved me against the wall and resumed his nibbling on my neck.
He bit me hard and finally eased off me only to pull me upstairs with him.

I don't know how we climbed up the stairs, it all went in a blur.
But he pulled me into a gloomy looking room, I managed to see one window overflowing with grey light and in the center on the room stood a big king sized bed, the cover were tussled.
I was shoved on the bed. Hard.
I sat on the edge as he came slowly to me with an evil grin on his face.
He stood between my legs and kinda just looked down at me like he was waiting for me.
He was taller then me so even when I sat his crotch reached my eye level, I undid his belt and unzipped the zipper slowly with my teeth. I pushed down his jeans and looked up.
His eyes were gleaming, he pushed me on the bed with force that took my breathe away for a split second.
He climbed on top of me and spend a few minutes tracing his hands on my upper body, squeezing my breasts as he went.
Then he leaned forward and met my mouth with eagerness.
He took off my shirt and tossed it to the floor, then he reached at my half undone jeans and took them off too, spreading my legs a little so he could be between them.
"Are you gonna moan for me?", he stopped and stared into my eyes.
I shook my head and closed my eyes, waiting for him to do something.
"I'm gonna hurt you", he informed me and pulled my hair.
I screamed, my eyes popping open.
"Moan!", he commanded with a cold tone.
"No!", I exclaimed.
He pulled harder and bit my bottom lip at the same time, I felt the blood rush to my lip.
"I'm gonna fuck you hard", he said, slipping his hands into my panties and ripping them off.
I was still overwhelmed from the stinging sensation in my lip when he caressed the inside of my thigh, "You wouldn't be able to walk for days by the time I'm through with you".
I gave him a doubtful smirk.
"Oh trust me", I don't know what he did but I screamed in pain.
"Bruce stop it", I cried out.
"Don't you enjoy it?", he nuzzled my neck, "That's why you won't moan for me?".
I screamed louder when he bit me so hard I was sure he broke the skin, "Fuck off Bruce!"
He was inflicting so much pain, with one little movement he could have me in fits.
"Skyler, wake up", Bruce said with a smirk.
I looked at him, surprised.
"Sky", he shook me, "Skyler"
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