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Girls vs. boys.

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Invisible friend of the band.

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Gerard and I ended up making out most of the movie...Mikey was giving us evil looks but come on! That's what you do in the movies! That or scream the end and get kicked out of the theatre.
"So who died?", I asked Alessa when we finally got out of the theatre.
"If you came up for air, you'd know", she smirked playfully.
"Come on!", I nudged her.
"No one, Sky. It was a comedy", she laughed.
"Oh", it did sound too amusing for my taste.
"I'm sorry if we made you uncomfortable", I took advantage of the guys being stuck behind a line of people making their way out of the thater, Alessa and I got away with it cause we're girls so a lot of guys let us come through first but Mikey and Gerard were stuck behind a row of old ladies they let go first.
"Aw please", she rolled her eyes and waved her hand, "That's what you do in the movies, that and do something to get kicked out", Alessa was my kinda girl.
"You know if you need space, we can just fuck off", I suggested with a shrug.
Alessa shrugged, "That's OK but Mikey never told me it was going to be a double date"
"Well, we didn't know either", I craned my neck to see if the guys aren't going at each others throat now that they're alone, "He was begging us to join like seconds before we left"
"Oh", Alessa looked kinda disappointed, she didn't seriously think he asked us to join just because he didn't want to be alone with her?!
"You don't think he wanted us to be there cause he doesn't want to be with you?"
She shrugged pathetically, "Why else?"
I bit my lips, not knowing if I should tell her how nervous Mikey really was, would it be like selling him out? But if I don't say anything, she'll get the wrong idea and be upset and there would be the end of the whole Alesskey affair.
"Because he was really nervous", I whispered. like if I whisper, it would be less wrong, "he really likes you"
she said nothing but kinda smiled her smirking smile.
"So what's now?", Mikey and Gerard joined us.
"I dunno", I looked at all the teenagers in the building, if Gerard or Mikey get recognized, our night is pretty much over, "Let's just get out of here and hang out".
We made our way out to the street and started walking, it was a warm night and the street was packed with people.
Alessa and Mikey walked in front of us again, talking and laughing.
Gerard put his arm around me and we gossiped about people on the tour.
It was one of these dreamy summer night, when it's all seems perfect and you can smell flower scent in the air.
When even the cars horns don't bother you and the flashing lights of all the stores and restaurants look like shiny stars winking at you.
You're surrendered by people you love and you know everything's gonna be great.

"Ohh a sushi place", Mikey exclaimed and stopped in front of the sushi place in question, "You know I can eat my body weight in sushi?", he shared this piece of information with Alessa.
"Oh yeah?", Alessa wrinkled her nose, "I dare you"
"You do?", Mikey smirked...Seductively? Eww I just don't wanna see it.
Alessa nodded and crossed her hands on her chest.
"Let's go in then", Mikey grabbed her hand without thinking and pulled her in.
I smiled at Gerard, "Aww they were holding hands".
Gerard rolled his eyes at me.
"Well what?", I punched his arm a little, "They're sweet".
He stared into my eyes for a few seconds and then kissed me without saying anything.
I giggled, "Should I warn Mikey not to eat too much sushi if he plans on kissing Alessa in the end of this?"
Gerard smiled his extremely evil grin and shook his head.

"Oh wow they have a pool table too", I was impressed, usually the sushi places Mikey dragged me to were gloomy Chinese restaurants but this one kinda felt like a bar that happens to serve sushi.
"Did you know that we were like the pool champions in Jersey", Mikey bragged while looking at his menu.
First, I don't know who's he trying to impress cause he was never ever a pool champion in Jersey.
And second, I don't why he's bothering with the menu if he already knows he's gonna eat his body weight in sushi.
Gerard and I settled in the seats opposite Alessa and Mikey and scanned the menus, I wasn't really in the mood for sushi, raw fish isn't really my thing.
I figured I could have green tea and maybe some rice shit.
"So are you seriously daring me?", Mikey asked Alessa who nodded.
"I dare you too", I said casually to Gerard.
He choked a little, "What did I do?"
"Oh it would be fun", Alessa agreed, "We could have like this girls vs. boys game and the loser gets to do whatever the winner wants"
"1st grade much?", Gerard propped his elbows on the table and rested his head on them.
Mikey shot him a dirty look like how dare he question Alessa, "So if it's not your idea, it can't be a good one?"
"Yeah and you'll regret it when you'll be singing that horrible song by the time we're through with you", I chipped in before Gerard could talk back to Mikey and humiliate him in front of Alessa.
"What song?", Gerard shifted his focus from Mikey to me, he set up straight, narrowed his eyes and crossed his arms on his chest.
"That umbrella song", Alessa and I cried in unison. We hated that song with passion and spent hours dissing it.
"Oh OK", Gerard shrug like he didn't care.
"On stage", I smirked.
"What you're gonna do then?", Gerard rested his forehead on mine and put his hand on the back of my head.
"Whatever you dare me to", I licked my lips and my tongue kinda touched his too.
"He has to win first", Alessa reminded me.
"Right", I nodded, I wanted to kiss Gerard so badly but he pulled back and seemed to think what to dare me.
"Can I decide like after we beat you?", Gerard asked innocently.
"Yeah sure", Alessa nodded like she really doubted they're gonna beat us, "there's no point wrecking your brains for nothing. So you're singing that fucking song and Mikey eats tons of sushi"
"I don't weigh a ton", Mikey pouted lovingly at Alessa.
Alessa stood up and raced to the pool table with me in her tracks and the guys walking behind us.

"Did you see how I nailed that shot?", I skipped happily with Gerard's arm linked with mine.
"Yeah", he muttered, smiling a forced smile.
I giggled, "You gotta sing that song now. Just repeat ella 4584 times and you're cool".
Gerard grimaced.
While Gerard was extra pouty about the loss of the champions of Jersey, Mikey looked like it was the best thing that ever happened to him.
He asked Alessa for tips on how to play better and correct him since apparently her dad owned a pool table and she grew up playing.
And he was really yay-ish even though he just ate a few pounds of sushi and counting.
I loved seeing him like this. Mikey didn't seem to be happy recently, or he'd have this mood swings that even his favorite cookies that I asked Mrs. Way to bake for him didn't keep him on a sugar high for long.
It was so good to see Mikey so...Alive I guess.
"Hey Gerard Way!", someone called out behind us.
Gerard spun around just to see a pack of his stalking fans run across the street.
Gerard put on his smile and dropped my arms in the speed of light.
I sighed and stepped aside, I knew the drill.
Once there are fans in sight I'm supposed go invisible.
I backed away a little and leaned against the street wall, studying the scene.
Gerard looked alive all of the sudden, he smiled and laughed more now then during the entire night.
He kinda lighten up, Mikey signed stuff too but he didn't dropped Alessa, her hand was kinda on his back when he sighed shit and she took pictures for the fans and talked to them, they looked like a team, like two partners.
How could this be? Gerard and I knew each other for ages and we loved each other, I had no doubt in it but how come after all this time we just can't get it right?
Why after all this time we're still as dysfunctional as ever?
I thought that after we got married things would change, we could be the happy couple people always wish they could be but it didn't happen.
Who's the blame? Me? Him? His constant traveling?
How come Mikey and Alessa looked...Couple-ish from the first go and we didn't.
"Are you Gerard's girlfriend?", a pretty blond girl with big blue eyes asked me, interrupting my disturbed thoughts.
"I", I stammered, not knowing what to say...No one really asked me that, Bruce was so busy building Gerard's single profile that he never really told me what I should do in case someone actually asked me...I guess I should lie...But I don't wanna lie...I'm sick of all the lies...But then again we lied to the boys about the marriage but not to the fans?...Well they do deserve to know the truth after all the time and energy they put in him..."No. I'm just their good friend", I'm a wuss what can I say.
"Really?", her eyes lit up.
"Hmm", I nodded.
"Can I have a picture with you?", she whipped her camera directly at me.
"Are you sure?", I bit my lip. I mean why would she want a picture with a friend of the band.
"Sure", she pushed me closer to her, raised her camera above out heads and pouted at the camera, "So how long do you know them?"
"1st grade", I smiled at the memory, "Frank and his tuna sammich".
"Oh Frank is such a cutie", she cooed, "What's your name?".
"Skyler", I shook her hand, "And you?".
"Jillian", she grinned, "So how they're like in real life?".
I shrugged, what do you answer to that? Nice? Fucked up?, "Pretty much what you see is what you get". Honest enough.
"Did they like change after they got big?", Jillian egged me.
I felt like I'm being interviewed, "Don't you wanna get a picture with them or something?", Great move...Just dump the fans on Gerard.
"I can't go past the other people", Jillian sighed sadly.
I looked her up, she was quite petite, she looked absolutely gorgeous, "Let's go introduce you", I marched past the fans, "Gee, meet Jillian".
He smiled at her and I retired to my corner as the invisible friend of the band.
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