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When the brother with no ass wants to go on a date with the caveman brother...

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I was standing in line for coffee and shrieked a little when someone covered my eyes from the back. I felt them a little and recognized Gerard's hands mainly because of his long fingers and the very familiar wedding ring, I pulled his hands away from my eyes and turned around to wrap my hands around his neck, "What's up, gorgeous?".
"I have a night off", he kinda exclaimed and lifted me off the ground.
"Oh yay", I kissed him. He really deserved it, he worked non stop on this tour.
"And I'm taking my bad ass wife out", he kissed my forehead and grinned.
"Um what if your bad ass wife had to work", I pulled on a straight face, I didn't really had to work but I loved fucking with Gerard's mind. That was my hobby, "You can't just assume the world revolves around you. Some people don't get breaks at all".
Gerard's grin slipped, "Aw fuck I just thought it would be nice to spend some time together".
"It would", I agreed, beaming.
"But you said..", he kinda took a double look to see if I lost my mind.
"I know, I was kidding, I'm actually free tonight", I gave him a little kiss on the lips.
"Fuck you babe", he punched my arm a little.
"Well you might get that lucky", I smirked and batted my eyelashes at him.
"So what are we gonna do?", I ordered two cups of coffee, one for me and one for Ronald, after I paid for them I took a sip of my coffee and spitted it right back, "Shit! It's Ronald's coffee".
"You better go buy a new one", Gerard smiled into the cup I just spitted into.
For a second I thought I'd go and buy a new coffee but then decided against it, the line already moved on and besides, after all the shit Ronald put me through he deserved a 'spiked' coffee, "What he doesn't know, won't hurt him".
"Evil evil", Gerard pretended to scoff at me.
I shrugged, "So what are we gonna do?".
"I dunno, I figured we'd watch a movie and...I dunno".
"No, Gerard", I cried out, stopping on my spot, "I'm tired of the bus. Let's go into the city".
Gerard seemed to think it over and finally agreed, "Should I pick you up at your bus in 8?".
"I think you better not. You know Ronald has a crush on you", I giggled, "He loves you so much it's scary".
"I promise not to run away with him", Gerard promised truthfully.
"So I'll stop by your bus at 8", I kissed him goodbye and ran into the tent where Ronald was having the most vocal argument with some band member about how ugly the guy was.

By 7 o'clock I was a little nervous and I failed to figured out why, I knew Gerard for about 10 years now, I was married to him for over 6 months but still I got this tingling feeling thinking about our date.
Even though I knew him for god knows how long, we had like 6 proper dates total, we just never seemed to be just alone, there were always some people around us and I kinda just figured it was this way with any couple and was amazed to find out that it's only considered a date when it's just the two of you and not the six of you.
I was also really excited to get away from all the chaos of the tour and the buses, I swear I don't wanna see another bus for as long as I live...Or at least for a good couple of months once this tour will come to an end.
I applied my make up and brushed my hair and changed to clean clothes.
I got so excited my brush shook in my hand and I couldn't get the eyeliner right, fuck if that's how insane you get when dating I'm glad I was spared this.
I doubt I could've dealt with all this anxiety at 17.

I knocked on the door of the bus at 8 PM sharp and stood back, taking deep breathes.
Bob let me in, "Did you brought any flowers for our lady?".
I laughed. I'm not supposed to bring any flowers...Am I? Nah of course not...I think.
"Our little kids are all grown up", Frank hugged Bob's shoulders, "Soon they'll go to college, get married and move away"
"It's about damn time", Bob pretended to sound cranky, "I'm sick of feeding and clothing them"
"Fuck off you guys", I giggled. I think they made me blush.
"Aww she's blushing", Frankie cooed, pinching my cheek, "Don't worry, we raised how to be a proper gentleman, just be sure to bring him back by 10 o'clock, he needs his good night sleep to grow".
"10??", Gerard yelled from the bathroom, I guess, "Maa it's too early"
"You listen to your mother, boy", Bob growled his best Mr. Bryar, "Or you'll be grounded".
I know it was bizarre but I could actually picture Frankie with apron around his waist and a hair net and Bob as the evil dad, which just goes out to show you how much I needed to go out.
"You want a drink, darling?", Frank embraced his total Jersey mother accent, "We have milk, juice, tea, water".
I shook my head.
"Aw a shy motherfucker our son got himself", Frankie hugged Bob's waist.
"Yeah OK cut the shit already", Bob gave him a death stare and wriggled away.
"You beast", Frankie give me one last wink and disappeared into the deeper part of the bus.
"Gee, are you ready?", I knocked on the bathroom door.
"Yeah", he called out sounding distracted, "I'll just finish shaving and we can go"
Shaving? What the fuck is he shaving for? He never ever even grew the hint of a beard, always as smooth as a baby's ass but I figured I should leave him to it since his last accident with a blade.
I sat on a chair to wait for Gee when Mikey emerged, he was looking kinda different, I couldn't really put my finger on it but he was just looking different.
"So a hot date?", he smiled at me.
I liked Mikey's smile ever since we were like 10, too bad he doesn't flash it more often, "Yeah".
"I have a date with Alessa too", he said casually.
"Aw Mikey", I clasped my hands tightly together, "That's awesome! Have fun!"
"Yeah", he nodded, studying me, "Would it be OK if we came with you?"
Fuck! I loved Mikey but that's the only time I get to be alone with Gerard, my heart kinda sank cause I knew I couldn't say no to Mikey. He just had that effect over me when I couldn't say no, especially when his eyes were so pleading...And he was obviously nervous about the date with Alessa too much cause he liked her...And I still felt guilty as fuck for not telling him I married his brother...
I bit my lip but then smiled, knowing it's the right thing to do cause Mikey would do much worse things for me in a heart beat, "Sure Mikels. It'll be fun"
His face relaxed when he smiled again, "Cool! I'll go get my coat"
When he left the room, Gerard finally opened the bathroom and stepped out, smelling the shit...In a good way.
He grabbed his coat from under Bob and laced his fingers with mine and pulled me towards the exit.
"Wait", I pulled him back a little, "We gotta wait for Mikey, he went to get his coat".
"What?", Gerard turned around sharply, twisting my hand slightly.
"Yeah", I looked down guiltily, "He was nervous about his date with Alessa and asked if they could come too so I said they could"
"Fuck Skyler", he moaned, "What did you do that for?"
I shrugged just when Mikey came back, wearing his coat.
"You manipulative son of a bitch!", Gerard yelled at him a little.
"Gerard!", I gasped. I never seen him that angry with Mikey, I mean sure they fought over stupid shit like comics and Cd's and brotherly shit like that but it was never this intense.
Mikey looked at him innocently like he didn't know why Gerard was yelling at him for.
"I told you no so you went to Skyler behind my back, you wheezing motherfucker!", he crushed my fingers, still laced with his, squeezing a little too tight.
"She's my best friend and you're not the boss of her. If she wants to hang out with me she can", Mikey argued back like I'm not even in the room.
"That's not the fucking point! The point is that you knew she won't refuse you, and you took advantage of her", Gerard was off his rocket, he was absolutely fuming, "After I specifically told you that I want to spend this night alone with Sky"
"And Sky wants to spend it with me too", Mikey finally turned his attention on me, "Right Sky?"
I opened my mouth to mutter something under my breathe but they ignored me and carried on with their scream fest.
"I'm sick of you!", Gerard glared at his brother, "You're always fucking getting in my way! Wherever I go, you're there!"
"Oh yeah like I enjoy having you up my ass 24\7", Mikey growled back.
Wow...Mikey can growl...He never ever growled before...But then again Gerard never called him a wheezing bastard either...I just gawped at the scene, I never saw them like this...It was like a train wreck, you know you gotta help but you can't stop staring.
"Oh yeah saint Mikey my ass", Gerard laughed sarcastically.
"Well fuck you!", Mikey was getting flushed.
"Fuck yourself", Gerard cried out with passion.
"Go fuck a cow!", Mikey suggested evilly.
"Go fuck a toaster and turn it on!"
Ohh that was a blow below the belt mainly cause Mikey already did that...Well, not fucked a toaster...At least I don't think he did...Fuck, I hope he didn't...
"Go fuck your mom!"
Can you spell burn?
"She's your mom too dumbass!"
"Go fuck a whale!"
"How many times do I have to say that I'm not interested in you like that, Gerard"
I had to chuckle at that, Mikey always knew how to come back with a witty feedback that left everyone laughing.
Well Gerard took my chuckle the wrong way and gave me a death stare, shaking his head. Mikey looked pleased.
I looked at Bob for comfort but he just did that swirly motion with his hand near his temples, implying that the Way brothers finally lost it...Not that they were poster boys for normality but they never fought like that.
"You motherfucking...", Gerard kinda made a move towards Mikey but I dragged him back and stood between them, "Guys! Guys! What the fuck is wrong with you?", I looked at Mikey then at Gerard, "Can't we just have fun tonight?".
Gerard was about to say something but I glared at him, sending his gaze to the floor.
"He started it", Mikey told me, pointing at his older brother.
Gerard was about to say something again when I caught him off, "Just stop. Let's just have a good night tonight? OK?", I waited for Gerard's agreement but when non came I repeated, "OK?"
He muttered something, I couldn't really figure out what he said but it was good enough for me so I turned to Mikey, "OK?"
Mikey nodded with a smile of triumph.
"Good boys", I cooed and patted them on top of their heads like the evil doggies they are, "Now let's go pick up Alessa".

Alessa made the same what the fuck face Gerard did when he heard they were coming but said nothing.
We decided to walk to a movie theater and watch some flick.
Alessa and Mikey walked a little in front of us, talking about basses from what I heard.
Gerard didn't say a word since we left their bus and just frowned and pouted all the way.
"Gee, come on", I rubbed my cheek on his arm, "Don't be all blah, it's our only night away from the freaking chaos".
"That's exactly why I didn't want him here", he kinda exploded after keeping quiet most of the walk.
"Don't you think you're overreacted a little?", I cocked my eyebrow.
I mean I get it, I wanted to spend some time away from everybody too but why make such a fuss about it, it's not like it's a first, we're never alone.
"Skyler", Gerard gave that look like I'm Mikey's partner in crime, the one he used to give me when Mikey and I screwed something up when we were younger, "He came to me 30 minutes before you came and asked the same thing, I told him politely that he can't come with us because I want to be alone with you, he said that he understood and walked off, then he goes behind my back knowing you won't refuse!", he was getting really worked up again, "Some best friend to take advantage of you like that, I'd kick his scrawny little ass for using you like that".
"Aww Gerard", I smiled at my caveman Gerard, after that incident with that fucking band he felt the urge to protect me from everything, "Everyone knows Mikey has no ass".
"I'll get him some and then kick it", Gerard clenched his jaw a little.
"Gee, he was nervous. I can totally understand", I tried to phrase this nicely so he won't start raging in the middle of the street, "What I don't get is why you rather stick to be mad at Mikey then enjoying your only free night"
He seemed to be thinking this logic over then he finally reached a decision, "Fine but I'll ignore them".
"Gerard", I sighed, smiling up at him.
"Take it or leave it, sugar", he smiled his evil smile.
"Fine but ignore them politely", I knew it made no sense but I loved both Alessa and Mikey.
They were so sweet together, it was so obvious he liked her and she liked him, they were so sweet pretending to talk about basses and sneaking looks and smiles at each other and he hasn't went out with anyone since that bitch Linda and Alessa was a great girl to get back in the game with and I didn't want Gerard to make them feel awkward on their first date.

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