Review for you can keep my brother

you can keep my brother

(#) _cranium_ 2007-11-17

hahahah i loved it, i read it three times and not cause i'd have a hard time understanding english=) this chapter rocked. i think it was awesome that skyler told gerard about it, and gerard didn't get all upset or anything cause if he had then i doubt skyler would've had the courage to tell him stuff again.. skyler shouldn't feel bad about it really, i'm very interested in 'analyzing' dreams and almost every book i found at the local library said it was a good sign. if you cheat on someone you love in your dream, you would never really do it in real life. haha and yes, i did check that. i just had to. i guess i'm addicted or something=)

Author's response

oh my god! you actually went and checked because of the story?? that's so awesome!!!
just so so so awesome! i can't put enough 'so's to express the awesomeness of it!!!
and that's a cool hobby you have there! do you like analyze people's dreams or just read stuff about it?