Review for The Potters and Dumbledore's Secret

The Potters and Dumbledore's Secret

(#) dexterz 2007-11-19

pre hogwarts was very original and nice as was harry in ravenclaw...the thing with hermione lying to mcgonagall was dumb in canon and is the same here...will such poor lie go undetected by a professor of her caliber? i don't know why ron is glorified this much considering he doesn't contribute much to the group other than as comic humble opinion is that if you could cut back on the canon influence this fic would be far more interesting to read since if it goes like canon every one reading it will know what happens next....give ron a brain otherwise justify his actions coz all he ever thinks is qudditch and food along with being an immature jerk...please update soon!

Author's response

Thank you for the comment. Hermione lied because she was shocked that Ron & Harry went out of their way for her. To have them get in trouble might scare them off and she leaped at the chance to take any punishment that was to be given. With McGonagall, Hermione has been the perfect student in every way. She may have seen through the lie, but she also saw what it was for, friendship. And after everything that girl had been through, McGonagall showed her soft side. I didn't really glorify Ron, just showed the reason he was in Gryffindor, and don't worry if you have a problem with the character, that chapter was his shining moment for the story, he takes a backseat for much of the rest of the story.