Review for you can keep my brother

you can keep my brother

(#) hopeanne 2007-11-24

Okay it is impossible to make Gerard 'uncool' so just stop right there. But I totally agree with the liking the fact that gerard isnt okay with the thought of Sky dreaming of Bruce. It'd be weird if he was. But this was a good chap. Im a little disappointed it wasnt like a bigger mess though. Isnt that fucked up though? I mean I say I want them to be happy and then I complain theres not enough drama! lol. But I dont know. You can always save the tension that was just created and use it later. Like if Bruce and sky get caught in a comprimising situation G will automatically assume the worst cause this idea was planted in his head now...
But you know what bothers me the most is that that last chapter was soooo good. Like there was so much heat between Bruce and Sky and yes I know it was a dream but it leaves me wondering if its like.
Like okay there was more heat between them then there ever was between G and Sky and Im not sure if its cause youre writing is improving sooo much or if its story line related.

Author's response

i think it's related to my writing know my sex scene sucks and this one happened to be an OK one...but anyway, it's got nothing to do with the relationship.