Review for you can keep my brother

you can keep my brother

(#) _cranium_ 2007-11-25

yep gerard should listen and pay more attention to what skyler's saying.
even though i get the defending, of course he doesn't wanna lose a friend but if he gave sky a chance to sort of prove it, like show liz's homepage and what she has posted there he would maybe understand.

but nah, gerard's in denial hah..

i can't say i'd be better than him cause if someone (even someone i love) came to me and told that my friend is basically just taking advantage of me and shit i doubt i would believe it at first..
gerard and skyler are having a hard time communicating.
usually skyler ends up storming off and they never really deal with their issues right away.
kinda like five-year-olds, they pout and glare at each other.
oh and there's some silence treatment too :D

i guess they both have a short temper and they're not good at listening to each other.
well that's just life=)
anyhow, i hope they work this whole liz thingy out.

Author's response

i think you basically summed up their entire relationship.
i keep throwing it in...i even had bob say it once, they're acting like 5 years old, mentally skyler never grew up and gerard gets hold back by his drug abuse...and to mix it up with alcohol, long distance relationship and a fucked up childhood, you get something like skyger!