Review for you can keep my brother

you can keep my brother

(#) winnie_55 2007-11-26

Yeah, I agree, they definitely have a problem communicating, like sometimes when I'm reading the chapter I feel like I know what they're trying to say but it doesn't come out right and then they have another argument instead!
I understand what you say about Gerard wanting to see the best in his friend, but it must hurt Sky when her husband just totally disregarded what she said.
Anyways, that was another fantastic chapter, I am actually addicted to this story! Just got back from a weekend away and the first thing I did was come here to check for updates!

Author's response

aww thank you!
i never actually knew how to put a tag on it, it was always natural for me to write that she stormed off and he's pouting...i never even considered having them sit and talk it over.
i guess i have problem communicating too...