Review for Inspiration to Save the World

Inspiration to Save the World

(#) bindie611 2007-12-03

This is really good. I don't know what else to say. I guess, in my experience, which is a little limited, there are two things that being excluded can do to you - it can teach you that personality means more than anything, and make you into a better person, help you ignore it, or it can make you violent and angry at the world.
Give your little brother a hug and kiss for me. I'll pray for him.

Author's response

thank you, it means a lot. he seems to be coping though and the teachers are aware and stuff so fingers cross he'll be alright.
bullying affects people in all sorts of ways i suppose. I know people who have been bullied and gone on to be really really confident people but then people who have blamed themselves for it and basically turned into a shell =( sux...