Review for you can keep my brother

you can keep my brother

(#) hopeanne 2007-12-05

Oh I have to totally disagree with Bindie! (Sorry Bindie!) I mean I agree with the sucks for Sky to be treated like shit by her boss. I mean Gee has to be making okay money, and its not something they ever talk about. In a way I kinda admire her like hanging in there. Yeah every job you start at the bottom and its great she has ambitions and all but uuughhh! I just want her to tell off Mr. Ronald McDonald or whatever his name is!!
And Im totally forgiving to Gerards insensitivity. Mostly cause I get that its coming from jealousy and I think its kinda cute. I mean he was just trying to tease her, but since he was wasted it came off as mean.
And bruce is not a dimwitt!!!! aaah Bindie how could you say that! He had no idea Sky was thinking of him like that! Give him a break! Hes fucking help run the tour and shit, he dont know whats going on.
But overall it was a good chapter.
Poor G is slipping away!!! Sky better fucking do something!
I mean I get her frustration at the end but still! my geeeeerrrraaarrrddd! nooooo!
oh wait I mean your geeeerrrrarrrdddd! (Is that better?)

Author's response

wait...your gerard?!....pouts