Review for you can keep my brother

you can keep my brother

(#) hopeanne 2007-12-07

This was a perfect 100th chapter! Im so proud of you for making it this far.
Lately each chapter has been better then the last. You have a very distinct style of writing. Its emotional but not too dramatic. Its funny, but not ridiculous. Your characters are really growing and its whats keeping the story moving along.
Plot wise? Aw man. This was a HUGE twist in the story! Well deserving to be the 100th chapter! I mean Frankie knows theyre married! Which means everyone will know, which means more drama/heartache for Sky. (Mikeys gonna be crushed) :(
And Gees 'addiction' has been exposed! Its like theyve finally reached their breaking point. I agree with 'winnie' about Gee beign right about sky not expressing her feelings more. (in fact Ive been complaining about it!) But thats Sky.
Gerard knows that too, and he loves her for who she is. Some people arent overly mushy so its unfair for him to be all 'youre not mushy' cause dude! she never was! And the photo thing- how she did take the pic. Yeah HUGE gesture on her part, but does he know it?? Probably not.
But thats how love is, how life is. You do shit for people you love and no one appreciates it. Its just incredibly realistic how you portrayed it. Like in a relationship (even though no one admits it) people keep lists on each other. (shut up, you know how I love lists) but regardless everyone does it and you know its true. You keep a list of shit you did for them and then at the worst moment you throw it in their face. Its human nature.
And you captured it brilliantly with Sky and Gee.
Moving on. I LOVED skys attempt at 'protecting' him. By taking all the pills herself. That was just totally in her character. to react in the stupidest possible fashion. (no offense!) I mean its like neither Gee or Sky ever learned what it means to be responsible and you know whos fault it is?? Frankies! No...
Its all the guys. They fucking watch out for sky and gee and baby them and take care of shit and its not letting them stand on their own. And they should! its not that hard! (Ironic from me - yes I know)
ah but favorite line was when she said or thought or whatever- I had enough of Gerard Way.
I dont know why. But that line just made me pause a second. I think it was how you called him by his full name like that. Like it wasnt gee or shit like that. It was 'Gerard Way' like he was no longer just a man he was like a 'thing'. Like he was "Gerard Way" leader of my chem, idol to millions, locker poster pin up boy. The embodiment of the drugs and rock and roll lifestyle. and sky had had enough.
Which is also funny cause its everything he said he never wanted to be.

this is long.
I hope sky is okay. I mean she swallowed a lot of shit. And a lot of things were said...
Cant wait to see the repercussions!

ohh and XxXRoblovesMCRXxX says-
Good job too. But that he thinks its not Skys fault if Gerard is a druggie and maybe divorce is the best for them. (boo!) I mean WTF?

okay now he says he means that he just feels bad for Sky cause she deserves better... (hmmm... I gotta think about that.)