Review for you can keep my brother

you can keep my brother

(#) _cranium_ 2007-12-07

i'm speechless. once again, hopeanne left me with nothing else to say:) everything she said was true. you should read it twice. hell, three times.
even if sky isn't going to divorce gerard, they're relationship is.. screwed. so much was said and so much have been done.. gerard taking pills and shit. and sky probably can't trust him again. oh god, i really don't know what to say.
i really do hope sky doesn't have too much to do with gerard's addiction. i mean, it's obvious gerard feels unloved cause sky juts isn't the touchy feely type of girl, and like gerard said, she doesn't tell him she loves him. in overall sky has a pretty immature way of looking at things. for example in the chapter gerard's granma died, earlier that day gerard asked why skyler always said they fucked, not that they had sex or made love or anything, i think her response showed that she sees things from a different point of view. maybe it's cause of her childhood, the way she grew cold cause she protects herself but i was also thinking that it might be because gerard has always been there. gerard was her first kiss, first boyfriend and everything so she hadn't really had the chance to date like other teens do and you know, just learn about these things. it's like she can't really see the big picture. argh i can't explain it.
this chapter was shocking. it was nice to see frankie heliping skyler out, even though he didn't know what was going on. i'm sure it's hard for the guys to take either sky's or gerard's side.. well taking sides is pretty childish and they don't really do that but i'm sure you know what i mean.
i sure as hell hope skyler's ok. mentally she's so not okay but right now i'm concerned about her taking all those pills.

Author's response

aw i absolutely agree with everything you and hopeann said.
Skyler's behaviour is totally a product of her childhood and the fact that gerard was always there...i mean look at it this way, if you always had something would you try to change yourself? arg i don't think i conveyed it if you had the bread why would you go look for wheat? she didn't had to mature or learn how relationships works or that unless you told a person how you feel they would never know...and i mean why should she? either way he was always there.
it's like a puppy learning to control his bladder, he gets scolded for peeing in random places so he has to learn to go outside,you know?

OK now that i'm done comparing Skyler to a peeing puppy and using random metaphors....
moving on, unfortunately there a lot of me in Skyler hangs head in shame like the childish outlook on life, and the whole running away from shit and the dysfunctional childhood.
i couldn't write any other way...i mean i could but then i would've exaggerated and started to write about vampire pink elephant and everything cause i didn't know what i was talking about... i wouldn't know how to make it realistic...