Review for you can keep my brother

you can keep my brother

(#) _cranium_ 2007-12-07

oh god. i wrote so much and then i clicked on something else and it all disappeared. it wasn't really anything important but i'm so annoyed right now. i'll write the whole thing again later on, right now i'm sorta busy and way too pissed off.
congrats, you made it to the 100th chapter, we're so proud of you=] it's 100 chapter full of talent, not bullshit like some stories i've been reading.
i've got a question though. are you and skyler a lot alike? i mean, it's really hard not to put you're own personality in to the main character. seriously, it's really hard, especially when it comes to fanfic. people usually put their own day dreams into these stories and automatically the author is the "i" in the story or the main character.. i was just wondering, it doesn't really matter at all, i'm just being curious. if you've managed to keep yourself and skyler "apart" you're way more talented than i ever thought.
i'm not saying having yourself as the main person in the story is a bad thing though, that doesn't make one a bad author at all.