Review for you can keep my brother

you can keep my brother

(#) bindie611 2007-12-14

I review!
Anyway, I love it how everyone's pissed, and there's camp Skyler and camp Way. In the end, it's like summer camp! Yay!
Teehee! It's cool that it's so random, and everyone's placing blame, cause that's just like real life.
Frankie's got a good head on those shoulders - this must be the first fic I've read in which he's the mature one.
It's sad that everyone has to be involved to such an extent, though. I think they should just lock G&S in a room until they can sort out their differences. With, like, water. And nothing else. They can be as hungry as they like as long as they can talk. If they have water, screaming won't be too detrimental. Though I think G would win a screaming match. LOL
I liked the chapter. More!

Author's response

You know, I might do a chapter like that! I just have to figure out how and why and where to place it...Thanks for the idea! I'll credit you!

And that screaming match...Don't underestimate girly shrieks...I'd like to joke and say G's girly shrieks but we all heard him scream and I doubt any girl could go there...