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you can keep my brother

(#) hopeanne 2007-12-16

okay. I loved the chapter title, you always have such creative titles and Im jealous!
So lets see- in this chapter we learn a lot about the characters which is good. Like because its in one pov its hard to know what the other characters positions are all the time. So I like how you laid it out with out actually laying it out. It came off very believable. Like you know how in like the awful movies the bad guy gives a speech detailing his plan and its like dude wtf? who does that? Its so tempting to do that as a writer cause its easy! But you didnt do that. You presented it in a way that seemed real. Like what you would expect to happen in life and now we know where everyone stands.
Im disappointed with them. (the charac.s) I mean I know people always say they dont take sides but the truth is they do, so Im glad you avoided the whole 'Im not taking sides' bit because it really is just shit talk and you went right for the point. And I can assume that there was a lot of that talk going on but that you didnt bore us with it... Especially cause of how you put that analogy about camp... Like camp doesnt just pop up! It takes a while to set up. ANd thats what I imagine was happening when she saw them all talking... Like they were sorting through it themselves and ray went with Mikey and Bob and Frankie are with Sky,.
Im a little concerned cause I know F and Sky are close cause they have that whole sunshine thing going on but they hadent had as much screen time as sky and mikey but thats just cause its soooo many characters to handle... I think maybe some mentions of her and F couldnt hurt. like some mentions to things that we didnt see over the years... like oh F was always there for me.. AND if you remember, which I do F was the one who saved her from cole!! and then possible assulted him for her~
But Im all off track,
I like Mikey reaction in this.
Hes complicated and it shows
cause theres no easy answer.
He wants sky to saye g and its not fair, but you know what I want her to save him to. I think everybody does but shes too fucked up herself to do it... and it sucks
I mean thats the feeling I get from this chapter. that life sucks.
that whats her name said before.
Sometimes love isnt enough.
and while I agree with Bindie about making them sort it out I dont know its gonna happen. there whole relationship was built on I dont know what ever isnt good to build on, and its crumbling on them
like a house of cards.
and fuck the guys for trying to protect her and then telling her she needs to save him.
there was jsut too much going on here cause I can see everyones side and I sorta agree with them all!! like sky is wrong and mikey is wrong and G is wrong and baaah.

Author's response

Oh I'm glad that you picked up on that they were like discussing camps in the other chapter when she saw them talk, sometimes I kinda worry that unless I squeeze everything in one chapter people aren't gonna get it or pick on the hints but I'm glad I'm wrong!