Review for To The End

To The End

(#) frankxgerard 2007-12-17

Ooh, this looks interesting.

One thing, btw. I'm probably just making a fool of myself; I don't know if it's purposeful. In the summary, or whatever that thing is, 'invisible' is spelled wrong. Just to let you know.

But, I'm glad there's at least some people on here who don't write "like 13-year-old girls". sob

And I meant you, I didn't mean that you don't. Sorry, that's kind of unclear.

Oh, jeez. I'm a horrible commenter. Now it sounds like I'm insulting you.

Okay, what I mean in. There are not many people on this site who don't write like teenies and write teeny stories. thank you for not being one of them and able to create an original plot and use correct punctuation overall.

Okay. That was even worse. =|

Author's response

Hahah your funny. Relax, any review is a good review, unless its out right bashing. I totally get what your trying to say lol, and I'm sorry I spell wrong at times, I'm not the greatest speller and I'm way to lazy to use spell check and go over everything again lol. Thanks for reviewing aim me if you want. xImRadxxo