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Someone Get Me To The Doctor And Someone Call The Nurse

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Frank's into waiting...

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Hhheeeyyyy!!! So as usual my lazy ass took forever to update, but I did because I like writing this story and I love all my readers. Speaking of, it really made my dad to see all those reviews, so thanks sooo much. Im really happy you guys are enjoying it. I'm happy to say the angst will start to lessen and the warm fuzzy feeling will start to grow, doesnt that make you warm and fuzzy yourself? Also, I'd really like to chat with you guys, your all my friends so please shoot me an IM through AIM if you have it. My Screen name is xImRadxxo. I'd love to hear from you and if you have any ideas for the story ever please come talk to me about them I'm sure I could use them. Well enough of my obnoxious blabber I'm not sure you guys are even reading this or if you'll IM me because im trying to be your friend and your just trying to read the story but whatev, we'll see. Enjoy...

-Frank’s POV-
It’s always tough when you’re told someone you love is seriously injured, but even worse when it’s your fault. My face immediately dropped and I think my mouth actually hit the floor upon hearing Mikey’s news. Gee was really in the hospital cause of me? I missed him so much. I was just so confused and ashamed because I had fallen for him and he would have probably freaked out if he knew that. So, I separated myself from him so he wouldn’t be wierded out and wouldn’t think bad of me. I guess that didn’t work so well though because now he’s in the hospital and it’s my fault.

I gathered my wits, got in my car, and drove to his house. I hadn’t been down this way in about a month now. It was kinda crazy when I pulled up to see the house again, though I wouldn’t dare go in. Instead I honked the horn and waited for Mikey to emerge from the large estate I once called my other home and sure enough he did.

“Hi.” He said sharply to me getting into the car. I fake smiled and pulled out of the drive way. For the first few minutes the silence was deafening.

“Mikey… what happen?” I questioned finally having enough guts to ask.

“Well Frank,” he began just as sharply, “he tried to bleed himself dry. I found him on the floor of the bathroom, wrist all bloody, and passed out. Doesn’t sound like him, does it? Well you made him that way” He rolled his eyes at me and looked back out the window like he had been doing previously to our small discussion.

“Ge…Gerard cu-cut himself?” I managed to get out. Mikey only shook his head not even looking at me. I understood. I wouldn’t look at me either. I was indeed a horrible person.

We finally pulled up to the hospital’s emergency room entrance. I parked and we rushed inside telling them who we were here to see. Unfortunately we couldn’t go see Gee right away and were told to wait in the waiting room until he was in a stable enough condition to see visitors.

I couldn’t keep my feet still as they tapped the ground repetitively, which eventually of course got on Gerard’s disgruntled little brothers nerves. Eventually, given a good half an hour later, I managed to stop shaking, but that didn’t make the knot in my stomach go away.

Not too long after that, the doctor came out. She was pretty but I was WAY more concerned with… well Way, the object of my affection. The man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

As soon as her mouth opened I started shaking again. I couldn’t help it. I was so worried of the outcome.

“Mr. Way has lost a lot of blood and the lacerations on both wrists are pretty deep. He’ll be fine he’s just got to get his blood sugar back up. He’s currently connected to a heart monitor by an IV. He’s still unconscious and will remain so until his body can get itself back up to where it should be again, which might take a day or so, however you’re able to go see him now. Just push the nurse button if you need my assistance.”

She faked a comforting smile and was off to show the smile to someone else, along with the same amount of confidence and interest in other poor people’s lives. It was the same smile everyone was shown when their loved ones were in such conditions. I was immediately to my feet Mikey right next to me in step and though we were both worried for the same person that didn’t change Mikey’s sour outlook on me. I didn’t care because I understood.

The smell of hospitals always made me sick and considering I already had a pretty decent sized monster in my stomach trying to tear its way out, I really didn’t think I could do this. However I ignored the tearing and the queasiness and the terrifying scenery of the hospital and continued on towards Gerard’s room. I took a deep breath as room 22 came into view and walked in slowly behind Mikey finally seeing Gerard, my Gerard, hooked up to wires and monitors that make noises and have graphs and shit. It was an awful site to see someone you love in, especially after you really haven’t seen that person in forever and the last time you did it was on awkward terms. I didn’t even wanna show my face to him and was suddenly filled with an overwhelming sense of shame. I just wanted to run up to him and hug him and pour out my heart to him. Tell him everything and the reason why I stopped coming over and that it wasn’t him at all, he was amazing, but I just couldn’t, something kept my feet firmly planted in the spot I was in for now, until they saw it fit to work again and re-join the brothers. He probably didn’t wanna see me anyway. I am the reason this happened.

I could hear Mikey talking to Gee and for the first five minutes or so it was just general stuff like are you okay’s and I missed you I was so worried’s and then I heard my name, so I started to pay more attention.

“Frank is here…” He said. I could almost feel Gerard’s anger.

“He’s standing right over there; he’s the one who brought me. He really wants to come over and talk but he’s too worried you hate him by now and he probably wouldn’t argue with you if you did because he understands. I could tell just by the way he was constantly shaking in the waiting room, so much so that I had to make him stop, or how jumpy he was when the nurse came and told us we could see you, or how pale he face was on the drive over. I’ve tried to be mad at him but it just didn’t last for too long. Maybe you’ll have better luck, but I honestly hope not. Anyway, I’ll leave you two to find out, after all it will be the first time, minus the music festival because that didn’t really, count that you two have even talked in a month or so. He’s all yours Frank.” Mikey said I guess he knew I was listening.

He gave Gerard one last big hug and then left the room, leaving me and Gerard alone again for the first time in like he had said about a month or so.

I thought about what Mikey said before he left. “He’s all yours Frank” I wish he was. Then it dawned on me, maybe he said that for a reason. Could it be maybe Mikey meant it subliminally? Nah, what was I thinking, I was getting my hopes up to high and letting my imagination run away from me.

I pulled myself together and went over there finally getting a look at him. There was as the nurse previously stated an I.V in his arm attaching him to a heart monitor, Gerard hated needles and I knew it which only made me of course feel worse.

“Uhm… H-hey…” I squeaked out. He only looked at my nodded his head in acknowledgement of my presence and then looked away again. Even lying in a hospital bed hooked up to various different things, he still looked as gorgeous as ever. I tried not to stare too much.

“Gee…” I started but he looked at me annoyed as if to say, don’t call me Gee. I sighed and started again.

“Gerard, I’m sorry this happened, I’m sorry I made this happen, but there are reasons I left. I never wanted to, I missed you terribly every day I was away I swear and… I just didn’t want this thing that I’ve had on my mind ruin our friendship… but it looks like it already has.” I started to lose it, my eyes grew watery and I felt myself wanting to cry. I held it back though no matter how glassy and filled with tears my eyes would get. I had to try and be strong.

“You look amazing even at your worst, err I mean not that you look bad but you know… you’re in the hospital and stuff…. not that it your fault you’re here but… ah god. I’m horrible at this I guess.” I was stumbling all over my words, and to think at one point I didn’t give a shit about anything, now I’m here stumbling over words I could almost always smoothly deliver. What had Gerard Way, the invisible kid of our high school done to me, the most well known kid there? He gave me meaning and a reason to wanna wake up every day. Made me a vulnerable human, showed me love and made me fall in love with him but now for the first time ever I was on the other side of the game I always used to play. I was in love with someone who didn’t love me back.

“Gerard please believe that everyday felt empty, I felt empty. I made a huge mistake by putting this awful distance between us just because I was afraid of something getting out. I didn’t want things to become awkward. I just wish you’d understand. Just know it was never you, your amazing and you made me feel alive, like someone actually really cared about me, and I understand if you never ever wanna speak to me ever again, but I can’t go another day without you. So I’ll continue to try and win back your trust even if I die trying and you never forgive me, but I’m not leaving again.”

I took a seat in the chair next to his bed and got comfortable, this was where I’d be staying for however long how took to for him get out of the hospital. He never once said a word the whole time I was talking and even now as I just sit and look at him in all of his beautiful imperfections he won’t look at me or speak to me, but I don’t mind, he can’t ignore me forever even if he wanted to be stubborn and try (which he usually was.) Just being near him again was good enough for me for the time being and I couldn’t think of even wanting to be anywhere in the world right now but in this very chair.
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