Review for the fact of the matter it that is just a matter of time

the fact of the matter it that is just a matter of time

(#) bindie611 2007-12-22

Kamz wants Gerard, I did NOT have a headache, thank you so much - I know when to stop. And it was the wine. I hate wine. I don't know why I drink it ever.
Just a random thought, I think Elena is an abusive, obsessive nana, and she's obviously keeping Gerard in her trap. Sigh. When will these grandmothers learn?
Either that or she was possessed by an alien.
If you haven't seen Austin Powers, go, watch. All three. Seriously. I think you'll love the humour, cause I do, and so far we seem to have that in common.
Moment of silence for Kamz loving Gerard.
Well wasn't that a short moment? Pft, never mind. I dearly love this. I would like two updates most frequently. :D

Author's response

hahah well that's good
headaches are no fun at all
right now i have stomachache
cuz I drank orange juice with my food and then I drank coffee with some milk
and I'm a vegetarian
and don't usually drink milk
so now my belly hurts big time
i almost puked
hahaha actaully, Elena might seem that way
those are not the kind of thoughts that are going through her head
so she's possesed by an alien
I'll prolly do that some time this week
or the next, I'll rent 'em in your honour and tell u what I think about them
Oh, and Kamz doesn't love Gerard
again, she might seem like she does
but I'll explain, I swear
but I don't think that chapter'll come soon...or maybe it will, I'm not sure where to put it yet
hahha maybe I will do that
since I have to go to Cartagena (a city right in front of the beach. FULL of turists that are most annying since they jam the traffic and every single person on the street is trying to rip you off if they think you're one and you have to prove them wrong to get a right proce) for christmas
and I'll be coming back on the 25 so i want to leave you guys with an update before I go
mewwwy christmas in advance
have a jolly one
get drunk with something you actually like
and write another drunk review, last one was fun
love ya
mannn this was LONGGG