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The Silence in Black and White

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Chapter 29

I shifted, feeling a delicate fabric covering my skin. I bumped into something, something warm and I wrapped my arms around it.
“You finally awake?” A low voice whispered. I opened one eye carefully to see Gerard’s face inches away from mine. I smiled and kissed his lips softly, then buried my face in his chest.
“No” I replied in a childish voice. I could feel him vibrating as he laughed and placed his hands around my shoulders.
“Come on, we should be up…what if mom or nonna come in early?”
I groaned, “Right you are…” I pushed the bed sheets apart and noticed I had my dress on. I stared at Gerard and cocked an eyebrow…/What if I had dreamt all of that/?
“That was just in came someone came in. I couldn’t have you half naked on my floor all day, plus, you’d catch a cold…you were shivering as it is” He explained. I nodded, happy to know that none of that had been an illusion. I rubbed the outside of my thighs absentmindedly as I put on my Mary Jane’s. I was trying to think why they hurt…
“Oh, sorry about that” Gerard said in a thin voice. I tilted my head to the side and took the hem of my dress all the way up to my hip to analyze what was wrong. Then everything came flooding back and my smile widened,
“You silly thing…” I giggled as he went up to the living room, his arm around my shoulders.
We had sat on the sofa for not more than a minute when we heard the sound of keys and the door opening. Elena popped her head on the living room and stared at me in surprise,
“Why, Gabrielle, I didn’t know you had come back…”
“Yup, some days ago”
“Come give me a hug!” I did as she asked and felt Gerard’s gaze upon us. When he parted I caught his smile and blushed. He laughed at my foolishness.
“What are you kids up to today?”
“We don’t-“I started but was caught off by Gerard.
“We’re going to the movies.” He stated
“We are?” I asked, incredulous.
“Yup. I was gonna ask you now…do you want a coat or something?”
“Nope…I’ve got mine in my car”
“You sure?”
“Well isn’t this charming?” Elena muttered, more to herself than to us. Gerard turned to her and beamed as he walked me out the door.
“Bye nonna” Gerard said, waving at her.
“Bye Elena” I managed to say as Gerard led me out.
“Bye children…” As we left I could make out Elena’s face, analyzing the words and actions she had just heard and seen, with her hands neatly in front of her and her back very straight. I’d give a lot to know what was passing through her head.
Gerard took my keys from me led me to the passenger seat. I was too caught up thinking about Elena to realize he was going to drive. In fact, I only realized it when we finally got to the movie theatre.
“You’re oddly quiet” He whispered as we stood in line.
“Yeah, I was just thinking about Elena and...”
“Don’t mind her. She over-thinks” He stated, squeezing my hand. I searched his face for any sign of some unsaid feeling but if he had any he had controlled his features perfectly.
There was something bothering me about the way Elena had stared at us, there was something bothering me about the way Gerard over-smiled at me back in the living room with her.
“Why don’t you get us seats? I’m going to the bathroom…” I told him; leaving in the direction I had seen the bathrooms without waiting for a reply. I pushed the wood doors aside and all but ran to the sink, spreading soap on my hands and washing them obsessively over and over again.
“Now what happened to you?” A voice I recognized too well asked. I looked up to find Kamz standing near the dry towels, her elbow resting on the wall as she stared at me curiously.
“Nothing…” I lied. She snorted without breaking the eye contact.
“It’s funny the things you hear old people say…” She alleged, as if I knew what she was talking about.
It was my turn to snort, “Am I supposed to understand this nonsense you’re talking about?”
Her stare turned into one pure of hatred, her eyebrows meeting and creating an almost invisible wrinkle, “I guess you haven’t figured it out yet. Let me know if you need any help.” She turned her back on me and placed her small hands on the wooden doors, ready to push her way out.
“Why do you hate me?” I asked, expecting her to deny it.
Her face turned to my direction, her bangs re-accommodating from the shift of place. “Because you have all I want” She replied, her lips turning into a thin, crimson line, and pushed the other doors enough for her thin body to get out. I pondered this new piece of information to my already puzzled mind.
I walked to the place Gerard and I were standing and tried to remember the movie we were going to watch. An officer came towards me and pointed to the right.
“Seven. Your boyfriend asked me to remind you”
I nodded, “Thanks”
I searched for Gerard and found him after a couple of minutes. He took my hand in his as soon as I sat beside him and kissed every knuckle without taking his eyes off the screen.
“You okay?”
“Uh-huh” I composed a smile. The movie flashed before my eyes but I couldn’t remember anything as we followed the crowd out. My thoughts were killing me and I was furious at myself to find out that the weighting feeling had returned, more powerful and sinking than ever, my bones already aching from the strain…

What do you guys think Elena’s thinking?
Or the meaning behind Kamz’s words?
What’s gonna happen? What’s gonna happennn????
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