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I Will Follow You Into the Dark

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sex scene ;)

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Chapter 28

Sex scene alert! If you don’t feel like reading it you should stop where there are two centered “”, like this:
Enjoy this chappie, I sure did writing it. Can you tell?

As I urged my car to a stop in front of the house I noticed the kitchen light was on. I realized I’d have to face dad for not coming home yesterday night, but the scariest part is that I didn’t even care. And not the way I didn’t care about anything last month, the way a teenager doesn’t care about his parent’s rage because she’s not sorry about what she did. That kind of not-caring.
“And where have you been?” My dad asked in a severe and authoritarian tone I hadn’t heard in way too much time as I entered the room, almost dancing. His eyes widened as he perceived the huge smile that illuminated my face and I could see the deep wrinkles on his forehead loosen instantly.
“I was at the Way’s and lost track of time…”
“You were at the Way’s?” He asked in shocked approval.
Then the ‘angry’ wrinkle came back to its place, “You slept at the Way’s?” He groaned.
“Don’t be ridiculous, dad. Like I was going to sleep with Mikey! I’m sure he snores like crazy. And I’m not too keen on the idea of sleeping with Elena or Donna, they’re sweet but…no.” I kidded, omitting the one person I had no objection to sleep with.
“Then where did you sleep?” He questioned sceptically.
“At Alicia’s. She’s Mikes’ girlfriend.” I replied nonchalantly as I walked towards the fridge and took some bread and cheese, “And I know I should’ve called but you know how it is, dad, times flies when you’re having fun…” I replied, grinning.
“…Are you high?”
I laughed heartily, throwing my head back an inch, “Noo! Want to check?” I asked, raising an eyebrow.
“It’s just that…you’re so…happy and, /eating/…” He said, pointing to the sandwich I was about to take a bite of.
Then realization hit me: when I came back I must’ve been pretty…bad, right? I must’ve looked awful, depressed to say the least. I smiled with a new smile full of knowledge,
“I just…you know, mom…and I had some things to clear out with Gerard…and…well; now I have a weight off my chest. And all of us watched movies, and had hot chocolate…I just missed that…/human contact/” I said bluntly.
He nodded, and started to pace up the stairs. I popped my head from the kitchen and said in a small voice, “Hey dad?”
“Yeah?” He replied, searching my face for any trouble.
“For what?”
His smile reached to his eyes and he whispered, “It’s my job” and then resumed his way to bed.
I finished my sandwich and followed his lead.

“You seem better” Gerard told me, as he squeezed my hand. I took my eyes off the road for a second to return his smile.
“I am” I replied, leaning over to kiss his lips tenderly while the lights turned green once more.
“You do too” I commented, tracing his jaw-line with one finger.
“Lights” He pointed out. My left hand returned to the wheel while the right was kept captured by Gerard.
I stole a quick glance at him, waiting to deny or concur on my former comment.
“Believe me, I am” He paused and then looked to our surroundings, “I think you had to take a right instead of a left”
“No…look, there it is” I tilted my chin to the Target in front of us, “The problem’s finding a parking spot…”
We drove around the parking lot a few times which was full of either extremely poor cars or Volvo’s and whatnot: there were no in-betweens. I parked in between two minivans and took my purse from under the seat. Taking the keys from the engine quickly I chirped, “Let’s go”
“I still don’t think this is necessary…”
“Oh, come on Gerard! Of course it’s necessary!”
We walked into Target, hand in hand and went straight to the place where Art supplies were. Gerard’s eyes widened as we walked down the aisles, picking up portfolios, weighting different papers and trying pens. I stood a little way off, giving him space and marvelling at how his eyes lost their glee and now had a business-like thing about them.
His ruffled hair went up and down as he ducked and went on tip toes to search for the things he was looking for that were good enough but not absurdly costly. I looked for a basket and handed it to him when his arms were already full. He smiled at me and then ignored me completely as his search continued. I stared at him lovingly, memorizing how his eyebrow raised when he found something unexpected, the way his lip moved when he sighed at noticing something he would like to buy but that was much out of his price limit, the hilarious way his eyes rolled when he encountered an absurd price…there was nothing you couldn’t love about him.
“Is there something I can help you with, m’am?” A short, pimply guy asked me.
“I have all I need, thanks” I replied, not taking my eyes away from Gerard. The guy looked at my empty hands and said something containing the words ‘absurd’ and ‘stalker’. I laughed to myself: so that’s how I looked to the rest of the world? Like an absurd stalker? So be it. I couldn’t care less.
Gerard started walking towards me, “Ready” he stated, the sole word making his lips move provocatively. I shook my head as we walked toward the counter and paid.

We entered the Way household. Gerard threw the keys into a bowl in the kitchen table and took some water out for me without asking.
“I still don’t understand why you made me buy this things…not that I complain, but…”
“Your drawings are great and I can’t have you continue drawing on your school textbooks. You needed serious materials.”
“And what’s that fancy folder you bought for? The one I had /discarded/?” He asked in annoyance.
“It was only ten bucks, Gerard. It’s not gonna kill you for me to spend ten bucks on you, ‘kay?”
“Geez, you fight like a married couple” Mikes commented as he took a glass of milk.
“Shaddap Mikey. Explain” Gerard ordered.
“For you to store your drawings. Isn’t that what portfolios are for?” I drained my glass as he snorted and continued to nag.
“And why would I want to do that?”
“So you can show it to someone when you go to Art school, you dumbass. They do need prove that you know how to draw. They can’t just believe what any sixteen-year old says, can they?”
“Oh…that’s…/smart/” He mumbled, nodding.
“What would your brother do without me?” I asked Mikey. He stopped in front of the front door, “Probably…jump off a cliff. Bye guys”
“You going to see Alicia?” I asked happily.
“Yup…I’m staying over. Mom thinks I’m staying at Ray’s. Let’s make sure to keep it that way, okay?” He told his older brother, raising his eyebrows.
“Ohh Mikes’ getting seexxxx tonight” I cooed, resting my chin on my hand and smiling evilly at him.
“How Frank of you” Mikey said, clearly un-amused as he closed the door behind him.
“Hey…are your mother and grandma coming anytime soon?” I asked Gerard.
“No…” It was his turn to smile evilly.
“Great” I said, and ran down to his room with his bags, a fresh idea on my mind. Gerard went after me. Once downstairs he threw me in bed, clearly thinking I had other plans in mind. He started kissing my forehead, my cheekbones, my nose, my hair, my chin…his kisses went down my throat passionately. His hands turned my neck to one side and his lips sucked my earlobe, his teeth carefully biting it. His hand ran down my throat and I stopped it when it was in between my breasts.
“Stop” I moaned.
“What? Why?” He said, pressing his body against mine, his desire hard and clear. I shook him off me and went out of bed. I walked to the side of the room in which the light from the bathroom felt subtle against my body. He rolled on his back so he could stare at me.
I smiled as my dress’ spaghetti stripes swayed down my shoulders with one swift touch of my fingers. I rolled down the zipper on one side of my body and felt the soft fabric swiftly caressing my bare breasts, I sensed it slipping from my slim body, stroking my hips and legs as it fell and landed with an almost silent rustle. I stood in front of him, in my black stockings which were held in position by black elastics bands that were clipped on either side of my black lace underwear.
I stared as his eyes flew to my breasts, then to my slightly opened legs; pausing on my flat stomach…I was sure my skin looked even paler than usual in that delicate light. I felt a small wind as he walked towards me; I put a hand between us and pushed him to bed again. He went back without asking. I bended down and noticed his head tilted to one side, probably to look at my breasts as I searched in his bags for his new drawing pad, pencils, and what not. I handed him the correct bag and continued to stare at him, waiting him to realize what I wanted.
“You want me…to draw you?”
“You’ve never had me model for you” I stated, smiling, “you want me to stand or…?”
He thought for a second, “Sit…sit Indian style but…spread one leg apart…facing me so I can see your…yeah, exactly like that…”
He started sketching swiftly, staring at a given place of my body from time to time. I watched him blush fervently as he stared at the place in between my legs, and sketched away. A strand of ebony hair fell, blocking his view and he pushed it forcefully away, as if mad that it had stopped his work. His eyes wandered meticulously, almost hungrily for an hour. My eyes lowered to the place in between his legs and noticed I wasn’t the only one excited.
“Do you want me?” I whispered.
“More than ever,” He groaned, pressing the pencil against the paper a bit too roughly.
“Come and get me” The words hadn’t finished untangling from my lips when he had already thrown the sketchbook away and positioning on top of me. He lowered my underwear brutally, hurting my legs with his fingers, the fabric burning my skin slightly. He didn’t bother to see if my underwear had gone all the way down, or if the stockings were there or not, he was just leaving enough space for his member to enter inside of me, filling me. In a matter of seconds I felt my insides curl around him. The rhythm of his hips against mine accelerated. I felt his cold fingers caress my breasts; he lowered down to them and kissed my nipples, sending waves of pleasure all the way to my brain-
My hands flew to his chest, sinking him deeper within me. I almost felt my insides tear as the strikes became brutal, almost in an animal way. He was feeding his own desire, and by doing so, he fed mine too.
But we were still starving when he hastily left me, without a pause, without advice. I moaned as he released me, not out of pleasure but desperation. I started sinking my nails against his flesh, trying to pull him in once more. He did, but this time, he inserted his member, in a rough, yet slow manner, causing me mayor pain, mayor pleasure. It wasn’t long before my back arched to meet it and both of us felt pure ecstasy, I closed my eyes, trying to keep it forever; my sanity had been forgotten long ago…
His sweaty body fell beside mine afterwards, hitting the cold floor. I took me some minutes to finally put my legs on either side of him and place my face on his damp chest. My finger ran down his side as I placed my ear to his left side. I heard his heart pumping so hard I was sure it would rip off and tear any ligaments aside that were trying to stop him from escaping.
We stayed like that, his hands stroking the small of my back, occasionally going lower, with my exposed breasts on his chest, until his heart steadied and I couldn’t think anymore.
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