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Weekend Warriors

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Chapter 27

Gerard and I were holding our fifth marshmallow hot chocolate cup in between our hands, cuddled together in the right corner of the sofa. I was wrapped in a blanket and was momentarily away from his embrace due to the chocolate. Mikey was sitting on the other side of the couch, Alicia was at his feet. The four of us were watching ‘The Revenge of the Geeks’.
I was right: it had been a very nice day. That is, until the doorbell rang. Mikey dragged his feet to the door, pretty certain that neither Gerard or I would move an inch. He opened the door and gaped at the visitors who didn’t even say hello as they entered the home as if it were their own. In a way it was, though…
“Dude, who’s CRV is that one? Pretty rad” Frankie commented, “It’s so nice I wanted to eat it”
“The dumbass really tried, I had to hit him” Kamz explained to Mikey who shrugged. They walked into the living room and sent a dismissive look around. Frank greeted Alica and Kamz acted as if she wasn’t there. Then her stare focused on me. It took Frankie some seconds to notice my presence there. He’s always been a bit slow…
“Hey Kamz…Frankie” I greeted with what I hoped was a cheerful smile. Gerard shifted beside me in discomfort. Frankie took a step back and I realized he was about to jump on top of me so I yelled before he’d move an inch more ,raising the cup above my head,
“Hot chocolate? How come no one gave Frankie Hot chocolate? I bet it has marshmallows….Frankie likes marshmallows…” Frank muttered. I swear that kid is bipolar…
“If you come here and give me hugs I’ll give you mine” I negotiated. Frankie was instantly by my side like a good puppy and gave me a big hug. I handed him the cup and he yayed. My attention went back to Kamz who had turned pale, turned her back on us and sat on the floor without saying anything else. Gerard sighed deeply.
“So…er, what are we watching?” Kamz asked to no one in particular.
“Revenge of the Geeks” Mikey announced, pressing play.
“Oh, right” She mumbled and sat beside Frank.
Gerard leaned over my ear, “I don’t know whether to be surprised or disappointed” He whispered, his breath and closeness producing a comfortable tingling sensation on my skin. I instantly knew he was talking about Kamz’s reaction.
“I know” I whispered back. The movie continued without further interference. As soon as the credits started popping Kamz stood up, mumbled a ‘bye’ to the whole crowd without making eye contact and left. Frank continued staring at the screen.
“Er, Frank…didn’t you guys come /together/?” Gerard asked him after some seconds
“Yeah..” Frank replied, rolling his eyes at him.
“So…” Gerard insisted, trying to make Frank add one and one.
“What’s your point?” Frank asked annoyingly.
“Dude, she left. That means you go with her” Mikey stated, pushing Frankie.
“Oh shit! Yeaahhh!” Frankie went ‘avalanche style’ on top of me and gave me a big bear hug and a kiss on the forehead.
“I’m glad you’re home Gabe” He said with that childish smile of his that could make anyone melt.
“I’m glad to be home, too, Frankie. I missed you”
“And I missed you, /too/” He said, twisting his foot like a high schooler.
“You really should go, Frank. Gabe got it already” Gerard groaned in annoyance. Frank threw him a dirty look and started walking.
“Bye Alicia, Mikes, Mr Grumpiness, Gabeeeee” He yelled as he walked out the door.
“Bye Frankiiee”
We all heard a grand slap and then Frankie’s “I’m wounded” laugh. I was pretty damn sure Kamz had been waiting for him. And that slap, that was going to leave a mark. Gerard and Mikey chuckled while Alicia and I shared a “well, what can you do” glance.
“Who’s in the mood for another movie?” Mikey asked.
“Oh, hell no! I /don’t/” Alica stammered, scrambling to her feet.
“Yeah, me neither” I stated.
“Geez, it was just a /suggestion/” Mikes blurted out, rolling his eyes at us. I cranked my neck to stare at the kitchen clock. The big, thin red numbers read eleven thirty two.
“I should be getting home…” I mumbled, standing up.
“Aw, come one you always stay up late here.” Gerard said.
“Yeah but I shouldn’t be pushing my luck” I retorted, arching my eyebrows in a meaningful way.
“Oh…/right/. I forgot all about /that/…”Gerard mumbled as he stood up as well.
“Your brother always knows just how to make a girl special” I said jokingly to Mikey, tapping his shoulder as Gerard and I walked past him in our way to the front door.
“You are leaving? So early?”
“Yup, Mikes” I replied with a small, sad smile. “Wish I could stay, believe me” I retorted, sharing a glance with Gerard.
“Ugh, then thank God you’re not staying!” He almost yelled. Alicia, Gerard and I chuckled behind him.
“Hey, you think you can give me a ride then?” Alicia asked.
“Sure girl, no problem. Oh shit I need to get my purse!” I rambled walking back towards Gerard’s room. I heard someone behind me as I searched the sheets for my purse.
“Good one” Gerard whispered behind me, grasping my waist behind me. “Although not good enough. You didn’t bring a purse. And you almost never bring a purse” He purred behind me, tackling me to bed
“Are you sure? I’m pretty…stop that, I can’t think straight” I muttered, not really wanting his fingers to stop fiddling under my dress, and even more under. It was minor messing around, the kind that’s just too sweet, the one that leaves you craving more brutal contact, the kind that leaves his face all over your thoughts until you get what you wanted.
It was too good and then it stopped, “Too much time to look for an un-existent purse. Time to go up” I threw my body on top of his and pressed my lips fervently to his, throwing my legs to either side of him. I placed my hand behind his neck and gently pushed him closer to me. Just went his hands went to either side of my waist, pushing me lower was when I broke the kiss, with a smile.
“Now that’ll get you thinking of me “ I muttered as I arranged myelf and went up the stairs.
“As if I had much of an option he stated as we reunited his brother and Alicia.
“Find your purse?” Mikey asked as Alicia giggled behind him.
“Nope, we gave up looking for it” I replied as I took Alicia’s hand we walked out, “’Bye Mikes”
“Uh-huh” Mikey said dismissively. When we entered the car Alicia broke into hysterical laughter.
“W-what?” I asked, taken back from her sudden outburst. She pointed at my purse which laid in top of the wheel, pretty visible from the Way’s window.
“Oh…” I whispered in realization. I started laughing with her.
“I can just imagine Mike’s comments on the matter” I stated with a huge smile.
“Oh, I’m not so sure about /that/” She managed to say in between laughs.
As we drove towards her place, the gravel making a pleasant sound against my tires I realized for the first time in months I had been truly happy amongst friends….
It made me happy.
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