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Chapter 30

It’s very strange for me not to sleep. I mean, I have never stayed up all night with worry. That is, until today. As soon as I came home I went like a dash into my room, locked the door and threw myself into my tangled bed, waiting for the sleepiness to come.
But it didn’t.
I waited, and waited and sleep didn’t fucking come. Of course, in my head Kamz’s and Elena’s words were going merry-go-round-like, hence producing a very strong headache. By the time I took any courage to look at the clock it was already eight in the morning. I sighed heavily and went into the shower, letting the powerful jet stream fall on my back, legs, shoulder, until it left red marks.
I got out of the shower and dressed in a simple brown dress with white polka dots. It fell to my knees and exalted my breasts in a un-hoe-ish way. I heard my phone vibrating and untangled the sheets until I found it. The buzz had stopped but I picked it up anyway. It read 2 missed calls from Gerard’s home number. He rarely called my cell unless it was highly important. I dialled his number and he picked up after one or two rings.
“Hey…” I mumbled
“You okay now?” The question caught me off guard.
“Are you okay? You seemed so weird yesterday”
“Ugh, I’m afraid not…I couldn’t sleep at all”
“That sucks…want me to come over?” He asked, and I heard a shuffle of keys in the background.
“No, it’s okay. I think…I think I’m gonna go for a walk, I’m leaving the house as I speak…I, I ‘ll call you sometime later.” I mumbled as I closed the door behind me and turned to the direction of the infamous park.
“But, I-“
“It’s no use” I replied curtly and hung up on him before he had a chance to finish his sentence.

I avoided going to Gerard’s place altogether for the past couple of weeks and I wasn’t sleeping more than an hour or two, I have a very melodramatic organism. Gerard finally noticed that I didn’t want to go to his house in one of our breakfasts at Ihop. I was busying my mind on the buttermilk, chocolate chip and blueberry pancakes in front of me.
“Why don’t you want to go to my place anymore?” He asked. I let the question linger in the air, and took the first bite out of the blueberry pancake, almost melting as the flavour exploded in my mouth, producing multi-coloured fireworks.
“Gabe” He insisted, placing his pale hand on top my even paler one. I think we must’ve looked like a vampire couple. Except vampires were extremely beautiful, and had almost perfect features…Gerard could pass by one but I certainly couldn’t… I felt a squeeze in my hand and my eyes went to it once again. I remember it was Gerard who was asking something, not his hand, and stared into his face instead.
He sighed, obviously irritated and took his hand off mine.
“What the hell’s wrong with you? I’ve tried to be patient but it’s like you’re not even here…”
“I’m sorry” I apologized, placing my hand on top of his, “I trailed off…this pancakes are sooo good. What were you asking me?”
His frown broke into a smile: this answer seemed to satisfy him and he repeated his inquiry.
“I don’t know…I’m scared of what your grandma is thinking…” I said truthfully. I wasn’t planning on putting it so boldly, but apparently it was very difficult for me to lie to him again.
“Is this what’s been bothering you the past weeks?” He said, trying to contain his laughter.
“Yes. And I don’t find it funny preoccupying on what one of your most beloved family member thinks about me!” I said with a pout.
“Gabe, you’re so silly…You’re like….like fucking Tinkerbell” He said in between laughs. The crimson came to my cheeks as I remembered the first time he had called me Tinkerbell. The first time I saw him…it seemed like ages ago.
“What now?” He asked, raising an eyebrow.
“Tinkerbell” I replied. He stared at me for a second and then ‘awww’ed and held me.
“Would you explain me about Elena, please?”
“It’s stupid, Gabe...” He said, taking a piece of pancake himself and swallowing it.
He sighed and held my gaze, “She thinks you and me are going way too seriously and she’s not sure you and I can be…what’s the word she used?...’Stable’. She doesn’t think we’re a ‘stable’ couple. That’s it”
I looked down and let the words sink in.
She thinks we’re too serious.
She thinks we’re not stable.
I processed the words and found out I concurred.
I mean, we were going serious.
No too seriously, but seriously enough.
And hell yeah we weren’t stable.
You’re hooking up two smoke-heads, massive booze-drinking, easy to yell at a stranger people and expect them to be stable of all things?
“God, of all the things Elena can worry about she worries about stability and seriousness?” I mumbled without thinking. I heard Gerard laugh heartily.
“You’re right”
“I know I am. Wow, that’s a weight off my shoulders.” I said and with that I attacked the pancakes, leaving none.
“It really was bothering you, huh?”
“Uh-huh” I said, swallowing the last bit of pancakes. He bent over and cleaned my bottom lip, stained with syrup.
I bent closer and kissed him passionately. He kissed back with equal passion.
We heard a cough behind us but ignored it.
“Um, fellas? We’d appreciate it if you took this outside. Paying first, of course” Gerard groaned and took the bill from the guy. He handed him the exact fee plus a free death glare and walked me to his car.
“I hate those guys. I’d kill myself before being a waiter”
“No you wouldn’t”
“Yes, I would”
“What if I was pregnant right now with your three kids and I couldn’t work because of my massive belly and there was no other job other than being a waiter, wouldn’t you take it then?”
“Why wouldn’t there be any other job?”
“No one would hire you”
“Too moody”
“Wouldn’t that be a bigger problem if I had to deal with people constantly?”
“They’re really desperate”
“How many kids again?”
“I’d sell my car and we’d survive out of that until I found a real job”
“Damn, you’re a fast thinker” I sighed as he parked in my driveway.
“You gotta be one when you’re thinking about family” he said kissing my lips as I opened the front door.
“Our kids are going to starve to death. Bye.” I stated finally. I heard him laugh as I closed the door behind me. I walked to the room to see my dad with a startled expression on his face.
“God, I was kidding about the ‘our kids’ thing. Paranoid!” I shot at him as I jumped up the stairs to my room.
“That’s my /job/!” He shot back. I laughed as I fell to my bed and the lack of sleep from last weeks consumed me. I fell into a deep stupor instantly.
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