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All I want for Christmas is you

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xmas! have a merry one lol!

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Chapter 31

Just realized I got to chapter 30!! WOW!!! And I wasn’t sure this fic was going to go past chapter 2 like most of the fics I start writing when I’m bored. Yay for me! And yay for all of my loyal readers!! Lol.
On with the story.

Dad had to work on Christmas.
Grandpa was spending it with Auntie since he loved her so much and she was in pain ever since mom’s death.
Of course, Gerard’s family did all but drag me to their super special Italian dinner.
Donna had thrown the house of the window with decorations. She had spent a LOT of time in it. Everywhere you turned there was bright red and green, mistletoe, flashing lights, Santas, stockings, candy, fluffy things resembling snow, Christmas trees, angels, reindeers, gifts, EVERY CHRISTMAS RELATED ITEM COULD BE FOUND AT DONNA’S,
It was quite overwhelming for a gal used to spend her Christmas in front of her tv with nothing more than crappy Christmas movies and popcorn. And when the Christmas was really, really good she’d have chocolate. So, as soon as Gerard opened the door and I had shook the thin snow off my shoulders the shock of it actually made me loose balance and fall on my butt.
“Well, it’s finally thrown someone off their feet” Gerard laughed as he lifted me up and hung our coats and scarves. As I stared around in astonishment he took my bags away downstairs. Donna and Elena came to greet me, hugging me tight.
“Wow, Donna…this is….”
“Oh, thank you dear!” She said in between giggles.
“Mom always exaggerates, don’t you think?” Mikes said, laughing at my surprised face. After a few minutes of all of it sinking in, I smiled.
“No, I don’t think so. I think this is how Christmas should really be. Oh, and you’ve even got the fire up and the stockings on top! Oh my god!” I ran to them and noticed there was one with my name on it. I traced the glitter curves with my fingers and tears streamed down my cheeks.
“See mom, you’ve made her /cry/!” Mikey groaned.
“Oh, dear there’s no need to cry, it’s a silly sock!” Donna whispered soothingly as she cuddled me in her arms like a little child.
“I’m so….grateful…Thank you, Donna. Thank you…”
“Why’s she crying?” Gerard asked as he approached me and hugged me as soon as his mom unwrapped her arms from my body.
“She saw her name on the sock” Mikes giggled.
“Please tell me you’re not gonna scream if I give you your hat…” Gerard shrugged. My eyes went big and I bit my lip as he gave me a Christmas hat with my name written on his scrawny handwriting. I felt my eyes turn to glass as he placed it on my head.
“Seriously, Gabe, haven’t you ever had Christmas?” Mikes asked, jokingly throwing me beside him on the couch.
“Not a real one” I admitted, cuddling beside my practically brother.
“We’ll make it up for you” Elena stated, beaming, “Now cuddle closer kids, I’m snapping a picture now. Two more just in case…”
We all took pictures together, around all of the decorations, including one with all of us underneath the Christmas tree, the typical one around the chimney, one of me an Gerard kissing under the mistletoe…
“Time for dinner!” Donna squeaked from the kitchen. My stomach groaned in response to the mention of food. Gerard had strictly prohibited me eating lunch: he said I wouldn’t eat dinner then. I was particularly suspicious about not being able to eat dinner, my stomach is really not that small…but all of my worries went to an end when we reached the kitchen table. Saying it was full to the brim would be an understatement. Like saying Jefree Star wore a tiny bit of makeup or that JK Rowling had a couple of euros.
“Okay, so” Donna cleared her throat as she started to explain me the dishes that were neatly organized throughout the kitchen pointing at each thing. I heard a lot of names, and fancy dishes. There were almost ten options of the antipasto seafood salad. Then came the main course which you had choose between spaghetti with tuna, fettuccine with smoked salmon, or risotto mixed with various types of seafood. As if that wasn’t enough the dishes were classified by the type of seafood they horded, and then you had to choose which sauce you’d be getting. Then came the main entrees, those being dried salted cod dish named baccalla, eel, light baked salmon or a wonderfully stuffed trout. To make matters worst there were also side dishes such as rosemary roasted potatoes and other vegetables.
“Now, take your salads to cleanse your pallets, children” Donna ordered as we started finishing our choices. I trusted Gerard and ate half of the chizillion of dishes Donna handed me. Since it was my first Christmas with them she wanted me to try everything and I loved her way too much to say no.
“Dessert time” Donna announced, “Just give a minute to clean up the table. Don’t you dare help me today Gabe, its Christmas” She shooed me away as she took the dishes to the sink.
“Hope we’re not too late…” Frankie said as he popped his head into the room with Ray on tow.
“Of course not, my children! I thought you wouldn’t come! My heart was broken! Wasn’t my heart broken boys? Gabe?”
“Oh it most certainly was” Mikey groaned, rolling his eyes.
“Yay mommy I wouldn’t miss your desserts for the worlddd!” Frankie jumped up and down.
“Yes mom, me neither!” Ray concurred as they both gave Donna hugs. They went to the rest of us giving hugs and then placed their boxes under the already loaded Christmas tree.
“Okay, dig in kids!”
And there is was: the most beautiful display of desserts I’d ever seen in my entire life: Italian cookies, filled with figs or nuts, buttery fruit tarts, fried and sugared sweets called zeppole and struffoli, such a vast selection of sweets that Willy Wonka’s paradise was nothing in comparison, a selection of fruits, both dried and fresh with a assortment of nuts. There were also Donna’s famous Christmas sweet breads: The Donnattonee which was a panettonne the size of a chizillion missisipis stuffed with every goddamn delicious thing in the world (gummy bears, nutella, hersheys, skittles, peanut butter, caramel, if it’s yummy then it was on it). It might be stuffed with ice cream, served with a chocolate sauce or served plain with a sweet wine. Donna was all about surprises, especially in the sweets department.
I can assure you, there was no empty belly in that room. I could hardly move as we almost rolled to the couch and rested there, trying to digest the food.
“Don’t fall asleep, kids, we’re opening the gifts at midnight!” Donna hollered from the kitchen. She was wrapping the leftovers to send them to the nearest homeless shelter.
I wonder if my gifts were good enough… I speculated as I cuddled next to Gerard
“Your family rocks” I whispered in his ear.
“/Our/ family rocks” he whispered. I felt someone watching us from the kitchen. I was sure who’s eyes where those, but I chose to ignore them and savour the moment. I bended towards Gerard when I heard a flash and turned to see Frankie with the camera on his hands, “Sorry to cute to pass” He apologized.
Gerard was about to fume when I laughed, “Frankie you had your fingers on the thingie”
“No I didn’t”
“Yes you did, look”
He stared at his fingers, and shrugged, taking the off and snapping another picture. As I laughed he started jumping around the room taking pictures of everyone. To that point I think we had used up 8 rolls of film. It was insanely perfect.
“I love our family” I told Gerard with a smile. “And I love you” He whispered back, pushing the hair that now fell to my shoulders out of the way to kiss me. This time I felt the flash and looked out the corner of my eye as Gerard and I kissed and noticed Frankie’s finger was not ruining the picture. I smiled as our kiss deepened.
This was how Christmas was supposed to be. I thought as the clock neared twelve…

Sorry guys I just HAD to split this chappie in two!
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