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Chapter 32

“Presents’ time!” Donna hollered as she gently gathered us towards the tree. At first everyone started calmly waiting for Donna to give everyone their gifts, in a solemn way but it wasn’t long before a great avalanche of arms and legs kicked to get to their presents. There was gift wrappings flying everywhere and ‘Oohhs’ and ‘Aahhs’ filled the room as everyone unwrapped their presents. I didn’t look for mine at first but Gerard started shoving boxes towards me and I read the cards which had my name scribbled on them (to my surprise) by the different handwriting of the people I grew to love as my family.
Of course, I had brought gifts for everyone and I had placed them all under the tree. Fortunately enough I had brought Ray’s and Frank’s just in case I saw them and had slipped them on time under the tree. I started unwrapping my presents and every single one I opened was so perfect that it was as if I’d chosen it myself.
That’s when the rush of hugs and cries began, everyone thanking everyone else for their precious gifts. It was amazing the accuracy everyone had had to buy what the others where expecting, or would like to have. I know that I had spend a lot of my time thinking every gift thoroughly.
By far Gerard’s was the most beautiful: it was a silver necklace with two charms: one of them was a silver sword with crystals that had the words ‘/fight for/’ engraved in the blade, and the other was a silver heart with the word ‘/love/’ engraved in its centre. It was absolutely gorgeous and I wore it instantly. I didn’t have time to thank him as I wanted to because Frank crashed against me thanking me for the coupon I had got him for his favourite guitar shop and the tattoo shop (he had been planning on a getting a new one on his back for some time now and he seriously needed some new guitar cords and tuning accessories).
I saw Gerard in shock as he stared at the dog tag in his hand. I approached him and looked over his shoulder; the fairy I had made the craftsman draw on it stared back at me. She resembled me when I had met Gerard, and she was leaning forward, her lips in a pout that all but demanded kissing and her delicate wings gave you the illusion of fluttering. She was naked but was covered by a pair of slender yet manly-looking arms, just like Gerard’s.
“I did it” I explained him, “I mean, I did the drawing… I had the craftsman carve it there. Took him helluva long time”
“Its…amazing…I didn’t know you drew”
“Just occasionally. Oh Gerard, I don’t know how to thank you!” I muttered, touching the heart and the sword that now hung from my neck beaming, “It’s beautiful! And I…of course I’ll do it. I’ll never stop fighting for you. For this to last” I said, pointing at us.
“I want it to last…/forever/” He whispered, grabbing my hand and squeezing it. I nodded, holding back my tears.
“I want that too” I reassured him, squeezing his hand with as much strength I could muster without hurting him.
His free hand caressed my cheek softly and I could feel the room dissolving around our little bubble. Spending time with him was amazing, it was impossible not to worship every motherfucking second. I loved him. I really did. And I knew in my heart that he loved me with equal strength and passion. He didn’t need to kiss me as if there was no tomorrow or ravish me right there for me to feel the powerful shot of adrenaline and lust through my veins. The only thing I needed was his eyes, his wonderful eyes and feeling his body heat. It was all it took for me to melt and want to give him every single molecule of by being.
I think my stare told him what I was feeling, because he nodded in a most meaningful way. I swear that boy can read my mind…or his mind, considering all of me was his already. If only that kind of moment would last forever…they were painfully short, I never had enough. I cuddled in his arms and he rocked me back and forth like a four-year-old. I think I dozed off, it was impossible not to feel safe and peaceful with him looking out for me.
“Don’t ever leave me” I whispered as I dozed into a full-stomach-fuelled daze. This time it was Elena who broke us apart,
“Gerard, Gabe’s dad called. He wanted to make sure Gabe was going back home early since she had promised to do the house’s cleaning real early…” She whispered, trying not to wake me.
Gerard shrugged and I opened one eye. “Imma wakey”
Gerard laugh, “You’re not awake, love. I’ll drive you…”
“wut bout mua car?” I asked, as he picked me up effortlessly and took the three bags Elena and Donna handed him.
“I’ll drive it to your house tomorrow. Where’re your keys?”
“Pockets” I answered.
“’Bye everyone” I said from Gerard’s shoulder as he closed the door behind him. I heard a reply but dozed off once more as he placed me in the back seat of his car.
On the way home I dreamed of a shadow creeping over the Way household, move stealthily towards someone in particular. I saw how it placed a hand on his or her chest, I couldn’t differentiate, and I noticed the heartbeat that I had been hearing in the background had stooped suddenly. Then I saw two other figures backing away, running out of my reach. And then everything went black and all I heard was moaning and screaming.
I didn’t know what was happening.
I felt a pair of arms around me and I yelled harder than ever, assuming it was the shadow coming to kill me next.
“Baby what’s wrong?” Gerard asked with a preoccupied look spread on his face as he scooped me in his arms and walked me to the door.
“Nightmare…”I muttered, shaking the memories away as fast as I could
“Too bad?”
I shook my head and kissed his lips as I entered the house after our goodbyes.
I walked the steps up to my room and collapsed on my room, hoping I wouldn’t recommence the horrible dark dream.

“So, what was that nightmare bout?” Gerard asked as he exited my car which he had skilfully parked in reverse and now waited on my driveway for my next ride. There was Gerard’s car behind it now with Frank and Mikey waiting.
“What nightmare?”
“The one you had on the car. You screamed”
“No I didn’t.” I replied. Gerard looked at me sternly
“Yes you did. Don’t you remember?”
“Nopers. I yelled? That’s odd” I replied truthfully.
“Well I guess that’s for the best. Anyways, gotta run. You sure you don’t want to come with us, babe?”
“No, it’s okay. This house needs major cleaning” I explained once again. It was making me mad to see so much garbage on the garage and the accumulated dust on the corners of the house.
“As you wish. Love you”
“Love you too” I replied, kissing him on the lips softly. As he entered the car I waved at its passengers and yelled in a merry tone “Have a good time! Frank, Mikey, bring him back in one piece!”
They laughed as they drove to their favourite place in the woods for snow fights. They would be picking Ray up and pass the day up there. Donna had cooked them some food for them to bring with them. They were to return some time in the night.
I turned my back to the window and started the job in front of me.
“Okay house, let’s make you shinny and spotless”

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