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Claire de Lune

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Chapter 33

I opened my eyes slowly, letting them adjust to the feeble light that trespassed the white curtains that hung over my window. I scanned the room, my gaze pausing on the book that was about to fall from my bedside table. I stretched and pressed the tip of my fingers on the book’s spine, pushing it gently off the edge and into the safety of my bedside table’s centre. I unravelled myself from my sheets, my bare feet against the cold floor giving me the chills as I walked to my bathroom.
I took my time showering, pressing my fingers and nails against my scalp, the sweet scent of my milk coconut shampoo and conditioner lingering in my nostrils and on the rest of my still skinny body. I had gained a bit more of flesh but I was still practically on my bones.
I shivered as I re-entered my bedroom and put my bra and panties. I walked to the bathroom once more and blow-dried my hair while humming Debussy’s ‘Claire de Lune’. There was an obnoxious knock on my door that made my grip on the blow drier loosen, almost causing it to fall on my toilet and probably causing me electrocution or simply damaging completely.
“What the hell?!” I yelled, taking my bathrobe and exiting the bathroom.
“We have to go…” My dad ordered with the little breath he had left, “Clothes. Quickly. It’s snowing so cover up. Nothing too bright….chances are not good” And he started his way down the stairs.
“Wait!” I yelled after him, grabbing his arm furiously, “What the fuck’s wrong? You’re scaring me!”
“Dress quickly please” He pleaded. I loosened my grip on his arm and, against my better instincts, dressed up quickly in the manner he had ordered and all but flew down the stairs. He was not there, and neither was grandpa but I heard the motor running and went out the door. The patrol car was waiting for me with my grandpa and dad inside already. I sat very uncomfortably on the back seat. I’d prefer to go in my car, but apparently my dad was not in a ‘let’s discuss’ mood today. So I just did as he pleased.
He drove to the hospital pushing the speeding limit and my worst fears started making me insane. It took all of my self control to keep my mouth shut and my thoughts to myself. But when we galloped to the counter and he asked directions for the Way’s my heart was this close to actually stopping.
“/T-the W-ways?/” My voice went a pitch too high as I ran after my father towards a small crowd. My eyes scanned quickly around the people standing with frowns and I breathed again as I ran to Gerard’s outstretched arms as he detached from the crowd.
“Oh my god what happened?” I asked as soon as I got a good look into his face,
My heart froze. It took me a few breaths and blinks to reply, “What happened?”
“She just…collapsed. Everything about her…”Gerard sat down in the nearest couch, his hands flying to support his head as he collapsed as well. His pain was so strong it was almost tangible.
“Her body. Her insides. Her brain. She’s dead, basically…the machines doing everything for her...They’re gonna disconnect her anytime now…and if she doesn’t respond, well…that’s the end of it. She wanted it that way” He explained in between muffled sounds. I tried to take his hands away from his face but he refused and the wetness that was left in my palms let me know he was crying. I sat beside him and pushed his face to my chest. To my surprise he gave in and I comforted him as mom would comfort her baby. I was at loss for words as my last nightmare came flooding back. I knew she was not going to make it, and I was pretty sure Gerard would be…well, let’s just say ‘bumped up’ would be a MAJOR understatement, as if you only classified people who create alternate universes in which people are llamas and their weaknesses are donkeys and other people are aliens whose only way of successfully killing is not ninja kicks but acid but who can also be tricked by a certain special lady with the secret ability of controlling alien minds with only a tea bag as ‘/a bit crazy/’ or ‘/with an overly active imagination/’.
A nurse came in with a sorrowful look on her face and said the dreaded words. I felt Gerard’s breathing with so long spaces in between that and the next that I thought he had followed his nonna. But I think it was worst when he faced me, his face as pale as a ghost and his eyes so full of tears that the hazel was undecipherable. His mom and brother came rushing to his side, as well, and they all took him away from me as they rushed to see Elena. Or what was left of her. I stood up and went after them, the doctor denied me entrance and I was too weak to protest. Instead I rested my head on the window pane and closed my eyes, trying to focus on anything but the constant crying and muffled voices.
I cried.

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