Review for When Vernon Didn't Miss

When Vernon Didn't Miss

(#) Alorkin 2007-12-28

Well, it looks like Malfoy ain't as good a flyer as he thought. Too bad. Luckily Snape kept Lockheart from giving him a flail-chest.

Harry should have mentioned Luna's suspicios. One of the brotherhood might have been able to 'read' Ginny.

Harry also should have told Dumbleore the brotherhood thought the creature was a Basilisk. No one told him not too, and so, it would have added a layer of protection...or maybe not.

Unntil next time... Alorkin

Author's response

Yes, Harry should have told, but it should not be surprising that he didn't, any more than he confided in Dumbledore in canon that year. Luna told him ginny MIGHT be having an unidentified problem. Harry says let me know if things get worse. Two days later, the Weasley boys assure Harry that if there is a real problem, Ginny will let them know in her own good time. The errors mentioned in the chapter description.

And why would this Harry, who's had what? 3 or 4 conversations with a man he now considers a manipulating old fart, give Dumbledore information Harry would assume the Brothers would share if it was necessary?