Review for you can keep my brother

you can keep my brother

(#) hopeanne 2007-12-30

Oh this chapter made me go mmmmm.
I dont know if thats good or bad though.
Its funny how like they decide to call each other on the same day! That shows how close they still are. You know great minds think alike and all that shit.
I dont think hes married to liz. Imean he could be but I dont think he is. In fact that may have been why he was calling her cause he saw it too. But I dont know.
I loved her attitude at the beginning. It was just what I expected of Skylar. And I loved how she was soooo frustrated that she couldnt even think of witty insults. Shows how run down she really is.
And the whole option C bit was great. I bet Billy never mentioned to her she has an option C. I think youre trying to make me not like Billy anymore, and its getting hard to stand by him. I mean I get hes trying to protect her, but shes not a child. She can make her own decisions. Why would he decide she cant talk to Gerard? That sorta pissed me off. I understand his reasonings but if hes trying to help Sky stand on her own then he has to let go. bah
this is going in th ewrogn direction. I told you I take shit personally.
Sky should be mad that he decided that she cant talk to him. I would be if I was her. But of course shes not gonna come right out and say it. No shes gonna hold this silent grudge against billy let it build and then snap at him cause shes afraid to tell him shit now. Cause if she does she will be all alone and that sucks.
Theres just so many conflicting emotions here. I am glad that Ali snapped some sense into her cause Skys whining was getting patethic. It was a big downer. So Im glad someone told her that, but at the same time Im still poor sky.
Shes gotta talk to Gee or even Mikey or Frankie. She cant keep hiding.
Im so torn. I dont know what direction youre gonna take this. I mean she can be all self pitying and wallowing over him being 'married' or she can bitchy and angry and its just a toss up.
But I do know, from what we know of SKy shes gonna do something foolish if given the opportunity. Like with the tattoo. She tends to make impulsive decisions based on what ever emotion is consuming her.

And robxmcr or whatever the fuck his name is says he supports Billy. That "sky" is crazy. And if she gets mad then shes being ungrateful. (oh he did not just say that) That shes being ungrateful of his support and when shes ready hes sure Billy will let her go. bah. (the bah is from me)

Author's response

I really don't mind your strong affection for Billy but because it's like her pov so she might be pulling it in one direction...You know the drill, she only knows what people want her to know so Billy might be completely different from what everyone thought cause we don't know what goes through his mind.
Gah! did I make like any sense at all? Just a tiny bit? My head isn't working. So I dunno if I covered everything I wanted.

Oh RobXmcr:....