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you can keep my brother

(#) _cranium_ 2007-12-30

ohhh what a chapter!
if she's too scared or whatever to call gerard now, she should atleast call mikey, or even better, frank. just to ask what's going on so she doesn't have to spend another few weeks thinking about gerard's and liz's possible marriage.
and even if she hadn't seen the ring and the article, she still should call the guys. that would probably be frank cause he was on 'sky's side' and i doubt skyler would call mikey or bob or ray. why can't she call frank? i miss hearing from the guys. she should miss them too! oh well maybe she's concentrating on missing the hell out of gerard but what about the other boys.. you'd think she'd be sad about how her and mikey's friendship got pretty much fucked up... wait, why hasn't alessa called her? she said she would. but then again, she didn't answer a single call during the 'smelly weeks'... meh i don't know.
gosshhh she is so bad at communicating. she really is. i know it's been said so many times. but it's true :D

i'm glad Ali snapped at her too. i gotta admit it was sort of harsh but atleast she got the point. oh did she? maybe she didn't get the point, she never gets it. when she fought with gerard, she'd never really think about the things he said afterwards. she'd just focus on being mad at him. and now she's got sometihng else on her mind. first the option C, then the whole gerard and liz thing. i don't think they're married though, well atleast i hope they aren't. but seriously, the same ring? no way. they're not married.

please don't say they're married?

yep, i know. i'm gonna have to wait and see..

thank you for being such a great updater haha, i always look forward to reading the new chap.

Author's response

Aw fuck ficwad! My respond to you didn't show up!!!
I'm sorry but I don't remember what I wrote...Something about her talking to the Olsen camp aka Bob and Frankie, just not as often as they used too cause there are some topics they can't discuss like Gerard...and Gerard.
I skip over a lot of things in the story, mentioning them occasionally later, so I hope whatever sounds weird now, will be cleared later.