Review for The Savior of the Damned

The Savior of the Damned

(#) asherschick 2008-01-02

haha, it's me again =) You really should keep writing like this, it's nice to read a new chapter almost everyday. I wish I could update that often, too...

But why, just why, is Mikey mad at Gerard? :( Poor Gerard... It's cool that Mikey has visions, though. I wonder what Gerard's special powers are and what he did to piss Mikey so much! Would Frank be so blunt to ask him about "her" so soon?

Author's response

I was wondering when you were going to review, I've been waiting for it all day lol xD
I've had these chapters written for some time now, i have to start writing them a few weeks before i post the first chapter because it actually takes me a long time to write this. I'm currently writing chapter 8 and it's getting hectic! hehe
We won't find out why Gee is pissed until much later on... sorry! There are just so many things to be made clear before that.
Thanks for reviewing =)