Review for While Love's On The Line

While Love's On The Line

(#) crystalcrash 2008-01-05

I think it's kind of dumb that Gee wouldn't tell Frankie about Mr Hot just bc the bitch was going to tell Frankie about Gee being gay. So? It's better than knowing that Frankie is with a cheating whore.
Why did Frankie suddenly change idea and almost kiss Gee? In every other chapter he was all shy and wierded out whenever Gee got close to him.
Damn waiter! Lol. When they finally kiss i'll be able to breath easy xD
Cute chapter even though i hate that girl more every day.

Author's response

Damn it, there's so much stuff I screwed up on...I realize that now that you pointed it out. Ahhh...I guess I'll have to clear things up in the next chapter. Or maybe I'll rewrite this chapter, just the ending.