Review for Losing the Feeling of Feeling Unique

Losing the Feeling of Feeling Unique

(#) ilovemikey 2008-01-07

I really like this. The idea of Ryan having a twin, it's really good, I don't think I've come across it before.

My quote... hmm. I think it's 'Ryan was also offered a tattoo for his sixteenth birthday, but he chose not to as he doesn’t really like the idea of being marked permanently.' I don't know whether the actual Ryan said it or not, but it sums him up really nicely.

-puppy eyes-
Please keep updating, I really want to know where this is going!!

love Kathy xxx

P.S. Oh, and can I just say that I absoloutely love your title. Very very cool.

Author's response

Thanks for the love of title/fic.

I'm actually going to post more tomorrow/thursday (Australia), so keep ur eye out.

And I must admit, good quote choice - It was one of my favourite lines to write for this chapter