Review for you can keep my brother

you can keep my brother

(#) hopeanne 2008-01-07

ah! ^^^^ she beat me^^^^
I dont have the first review! nooooooo... okay fine. I wont pout about it...(much)
I liked this chapter. I read it twice actually. Once alone and once to Robby and Im glad I read it again. I picked up on somethings I didnt notice the first time through. And instead of babbling on and then letting r go Im just gonna blend his comments in with mine kay?
I think its interesting how she was excited at the beginning. for them coming home and all. I mean like she was still pissed and judging on what happened at the end of the chapter her and mikey hadnt talked or made up or anything so I think it showed a lot that she was excited for him to come home. Sorta like theyre family. she can love and bitch with him and be mad but she still thinks of him as her family. She luvs him!!!
I liked the first section. it was your typical style of writing, where skylar misunderstands or causes a misunderstanding and then babbles her way through it making it worse instead of better. Thats just her. She will always be like that.
But what was different about this chap. was that you had these bits woven into it. Like serious comments that I didnt really pick up on first. I mean the first time through they seemed like witty comments, but soooo witty. they were like bleh witty comments. not her usual spunk. but re reading it I saw a lot more depth to them. like the one about liz not cutting Mikeys hair... I mean sky really thinks liz and gee are a couple and its killing me that we (the readers) dont know if thats true or not!!! gah.
and this one-the more I tried to help Mikey out, the more I dragged him down with me.
The story of my life, I thought sadly.
OMG. that is such a sad line!!! I mean its blended in so well I didnt realize how sad it was at first. I mean poor sky. she really feels responsible for gee and she shouldnt!! he made those choices. not her. Shes turning the blame on to herself here and its fucked up!
I loved how when she got pissed at mikey to she was all Frankies the shit! I mean that was so childish! but it was real and I loved it!
As for the lawyer thing- what the hell!! Santa billed gerard? are you kidding me?! gah. that pisses me off.
makes me think that like theres something else going on that she dont know about.
I liked how Mikey covered for her with it a little. Which makes me think that maybe gee dont know she was out on a date thing. Cause before I said frank would tell ray who would tell bob who would tell mikey who would tell gee and blah blah blah, but now i think no.
I mean if mikey didnt tell him about the lawyer cause hes trying to 'protect' him then theres no way he told him sky was out on a 'date'/
And last. Im glad that Alessa is moving in. I mean does that mean that when mikey goes back on tour that alessa will stay with sky?? keep her company? I mean she needs a friend. I know she has all those other people but you can never have too many friends. and friends are one thing but roomates are another,
ooooh she can always go find johnie!! hes homeless! he'd move in. I bet if she cleaned him up they could **** nvrmind...

Author's response

I don't know on what to respond first, I mean you pick up on so many things and even though you know pretty much the rest, there are shit that is planned ahead that you don't know about and I don't want to ruin it for you.
So umm want pie?