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Hostility doesn't look good on you.

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I woke up ridiculously early in the morning with a giggling excitement in my stomach, the guys were supposed to come home for a few days and I was determined to try and talk to Mikey and reason with him like an adult. Or wrestle him to the ground and make him listen. Whatever it takes.
I opened my door and peeked into the dark hallway, Mikey's suitcase were propped against the hall wall by his room and grinned to myself, I can't help myself, I just loved that stupid 4 eye.
I tip toed to his room, opened the door to the dark room and stumbled to the bed.
I hoped in the bed and wrapped my arms around his waist like I always do when they come home from a long tour, I half expected him to turn around, yell about me breaking his brother and kicking my ass out of the room but he just muttered something and snuggled closer.
I sighed in relief and cuddled closer, his hair tickled my nose and it kinda smelled differently, I brushed it away but the more I brushed, the more hair there was, I frowned sleepily.
Mikey seriously needed a haircut, what the fuck? They had Liz with them, couldn't she like trim it a little or was she good to be Gerard's fuck only?
Mikey murmured something, took my arms and wrapped them around his waist.
Holy fuck!! Doesn't Ray feed him anymore, he had a tiny waist, like girly curved waist.
Mikey wasn't exactly a manly man and he was always skinny but a curvy waist?
I probably was just imagining shit, it was really really really early and my brain was still in it's half dead state.

I dozed off, dreaming that I groped Mikey's boobs and he touched my ass, I remember thinking to myself that I did not want another sex dream...But it wasn't even appropriate sex dream since apparently Mikey was a chick.
Maybe now that Gerard was gone I should turn to the other side...I mean I don't want any other guys so maybe I could get comfortable with some chick.
I woke up when a third person wrapped their arms around my waist, my eyes popped open and I kinda stiffen, trying to decide if it was still a dream.
My arms were still around the Mikey wannabe, and if that's Mikey then who's trying to molest me?
"Mikey?", I whispered.
The person behind me froze.
"Mikey?", I repeated.
"Skyler?", he exclaimed.
Oh my god, the 4 eyes tried to molest me.
"Skyler?", the person I was holding stirred, it..I mean she? Well she had a girls voice therefore I called her a she...
Way to go, Mikey! Bringing chicks to bed! He finally got the hang of the whole rock & roll lifestyle!
But ew!!! I grabbed a girl not Mikey! And Mikey touched me! How fucking awkward!
The girl sounded really familiar so I took a crazy shot, "Alessa?"
"Skyler?", she examined, "Mikey!"
Mikey scrambled to switch on the light and we gawped around, Alessa was still in my arms, we looked at one another and then at Mikey, he looked back, looking like a deer caught in the headlight.
"Mikey?", Alessa waited for an explanation.
"I'm so sorry!", I unwrapped my arms from her, I knew what it looked like.
"So this is a regular thing?", Alessa sat up too.
"Yeah but I didn't know you were here", I explained, feeling the blush take over my cheeks.
"Skyler!", Mikey cried out like I said obscenities in front of the pope.
"What?", I shrugged, "I said I was sorry"
"How could you?", Alessa hissed angrily, "How long this been going on? Huh?"
"Oh we always do it"
"Sky-ler!", Mikey swatted me.
Yeah first he molest me and now he's hitting me.
"It's not what you think", he glared at me.
"And with your brother's wife!", she threw her hands in the air, "What the fuck?"
"I'm not gerard's wife anymore", I informed her.
Her jaw dropped.
"Sky-ler!", Mikey pinched me.
"What's with the abuse?", I rubbed the place he pinched.
"Abuse?", Alessa shrieked.
"It's not what you think, Ales", he had a pitiful look on his face.
"Yeah, he's usual really gentle", I defended Mikey, I knew it sounded and looked not as innocent as it really was but the more I tried to help Mikey out, the more I dragged him down with me.
The story of my life, I thought sadly.
"Skyler, just shut up for a second", Mikey lost it and raised his voice angrily.
"But I just wanted to explain you're not into threesome"
"Skyler!", he exhaled like I'm the stupidest person. Ever, "Just shut up the fuck up and get out!"
"You treat all your mistresses this way?", Alessa was on the verge of tears.
"Just get the fuck out", he ordered me, closing his eyes in frustration for a second and taking a deep breathe.
I looked at him, just trying to find the old Mikey in his eyes, the caring Mikey, "Out", he exclaimed.
I climbed out of the bed and shut the door behind me. I felt like a puppy who peed where it shouldn't.
Fucking bitch, I stomped to the kitchen to get coffee, who he think he is? Fucking jerk.
He finally gets to screw a girl and he thinks he's all that. Well he's not, I won't touch him with 93894 mile stick!
Stupid fairy!
Frankie would never yell at me like that no matter how much I molested his fiance cause Frankie is a good person! He's kind! And sweet! A real sunshine! Not like that motherfucking horse! Gah stupid horse! Frankie is my real best friend!
I realized I was grumbling to myself while reaching for the milk, I hang out with Billy too much.
I have no idea why I started hanging out with him, I mean I remember him being the new student and I was already an outcast, and Frank liked him and Bob and Ray were in Gerard's classes so we kinda drifted together.
Damn peer pressure!
Look where I am today! Fucking tossed around like a useless toy! Fucking Ways!

I sipped the coffee, lost in thought, I was staring out of the window, tracing New York's skyline with my finger on the window.
"What the fuck? You're trying to destroy the entire Way family while you're at it?", Mikey's angry voice boomed behind me.
"I didn't...", I trailed off.
"What didn't want to hurt me? Such a liar, Sky", he sighed, I saw his reflection put his hand through his hair.
"I honestly just wanted to make peace with you, Mikey"
"After what you did?", he exclaimed, slamming the fridge shut.
"Fuck! I didn't know Alessa was here OK!", I looked at him over my shoulder.
"I mean after you billed Gerard with your little visit to the lawyer, I had to fucking pay to that stupid Mr whats his face so Gee won't find out, are you trying to kill him?", he was raging, his eyes were so full of anger.
I hunched my shoulder like that way I would be less of a target, "What happened to not saving us no more?".
"I meant you! But Gerard is my brother", he snarled.
"What happened to the we're family bullshit?", I smirked, "I'm the hated step sister Mr. Way and I'm the liar?"
"You're tearing me apart", he admitted, lowering his gaze.
But it was my time to attack, "Don't tell me, everything is my fault? I know, you said that already. Some fucking best friend. I trusted you Mikey, with the core of me, with everything I am and you stabbed me and it hurts"
"What I'm supposed to do? You tell me! My brother is suffering because of you", he dumped himself on the chair.
"The least you could do is not turning away from me. Not to take sides, support us both. I know I'm like the eternal bitch around here and you want me to burn in fucking hell which I probably would but you don't to stab me like that! I love your brother with all my fucking heart, you don't know how hard it was for me! To leave him when he needed me, I swear it's a miracle I'm still alive! I swear Mikey, I'm all crashed and burned there's nothing left anymore. I don't give a fucking fuck about anything", I took a deep breathe, that's not how making peace supposed to go.
"I'm sorry", he muttered.
"What's done is done", I shrugged, "But what about that bill? I'll pay you back"
What the fuck? Why did Mr. Reily billed Gerard? I need to kill him as well as the priest? What's wrong with these fucking authorities?! I'd have to look into it.
"Don't", he looked like he was sorry but I didn't have it in my heart to let it go and forgive him, he treated me like the worst kinda of whore, I can't just wipe it clean. Not yet, "I will. And I'm sorry about Alessa, I really didn't mean to fuck things up, I should go and apologize"
"She understands", he smiled weakly, "I explained and she's glad you were her first girl"
I nodded, smiling.
"She'll move her stuff today", he announced casually, We'll need another copy of the key"
"Whoa! Didn't you want to discuss it with me first?", I frowned, I liked her and all but what the fuck? It's like he's completely dissing the fact I live here.
"Do you mind?", he loaded his arms with cookies.
"Well no I guess..", I pouted.
"See it's been discussed", and with that he darted out of the kitchen, leaving me fuming.
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