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Here comes the bride...

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Once the maid of honor would be removed from the middle of the aisle.

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The next day, Amy's mother rushed all the brides maids out of the room to the the long hall of the church, we stood there waiting for the cue of the piano. Michelle, Amy's younger sister started weeping out of joy and the rest of the girls were comforting here.
Instead of squeezing into the circle of teary eyed and contributing my share of wisdom pearl, I opened the ancient oak doors and peeked.
People were already settling in on the wooden benches. Ladies in fancy dresses and hats, reminded me the queen of England, were preparing the tissues for the minute the bride and groom would be declaring their love, gentlemen in tuxedos and suits.
Soft murmuring and laughter echoes through the little chapel.
James stood proudly by the alter with his dad and uncle, his whole posture screamed happy. I smiled a little.
The pianist was stretching his hands and flipping through a little booklet, the minister was reading something in his bible.
The whole scene looked so peaceful but at the same time you could practically hear the hearts skip a beat or two.
My heart skipped a beat too but not for the right reasons, I wanted this kind of joy too.
Screw the wedding part, I'm not much of a fan for these kinds of formalities but just walking down that fucking aisle and knowing you would be with the person you love till the day you die, I wanted that feeling of safety, that certainty that no matter what they'll be there. I wanted that and I wanted Gerard to to be at the other end of the walk, fully sober.
But as always what I wanted and what I've got were totally different.
I guess I didn't deserve that kind of fuzziness.
I scanned the chapel for Bob, he was supposed to be there since both Amy and Jamie wanted him there, as far as I know he was the only 'MCR member' who got invited to the wedding...And it wasn't because of me! Cause I have no problem with that...Just Bob was really the only one who befriended Amy and then James...Or so I was told.
And anyway, Mikey was busy helping Alessa move her shit and her 86879 cats into our place, even though she didn't officially move in, it already felt like THEIR place and their cats...God they had so many cats. Too many cats! I'm positive there is some kind of law about having that many cats in one place, I would have to look that up...Not that I hate the cats or anything, I just don't wanna Alessa to break the law or something...
I spotted Bob standing with his back to the alter, he was looking...Smart...Fucking shit! He owned a tie and a suit and everything, if it wasn't for his lip ring, he could fit right with all the gentlemen...But then again who was I kidding, Bob's whole manner was rock-ish, yeah he was in a suit but he still had that whole rock & roll shit about him.
He was talking with someone but I couldn't see with whom cause some lady with ridiculously large feather in her hat just settled in her her sit right in front of Bob, seriously she could have poked someone's eyes out with that thing...Hmm maybe I could flung myself on her, get poked and be excused from walking down the aisle looking like a fucking cake...Sounds like a plan to me...Bob caught my eye and beamed, waving at me.
I waved back and stuck my arm on my head to mock the lady, he laughed and shook his head at me, then the person he was talking must have said something cause Bob diverted his eyes from me and said something, pointing at me.
I stood on my tip toes to see who it was and just as I caught a tiny bit of their hair Amy's mom yanked me from the door, slammed it and gave me a look.
"Gather around girls", she clapped her hands to get all the girls attention.
All the 89792 girls gathered around her, "Everybody remembers their places?"
everyone nodded, I couldn't help but to roll my eyes a little, we rehearsed it yesterday so much that the chapel keeper started to yawn to get us out of there.
I get it, I really do, it's a huge event but how complicated can it be?! You go out there, walk and stand in places...There's no need to rehearse this shit until 3 AM. The human population might be stupid but give us a break!
I probably overestimate the human kind after all cause after all the charts Amy's mom gave us, Dani, Amy's cousin managed to stand in the wrong place. again.
"Dani, you're supposed to be standing behind Daisy", I gritted my teeth.
"Um no Skyler", she shook her head.
"If you forgot where you're supposed to be just say so", I was willing to stab her at that point, I just hated people who had to prove their point even though they knew they were wrong.
"I didn't forget, you the one who's wrong", she flipped her fucking hair in my face, muttering 'freak'.
"You listen to me, bitch", I hissed, I had enough of her, she reminded me of all the girls I hated in high school, always joking at my expense, calling me names, she was just jealous Amy made me maid of honor and not her, "If you don't go stand behind Daisy, they're gonna wheel you in there"
I heard Michelle chuckle behind me, Dani glared at me, "How dare you call me names, New Jersey skank"
"Do you even know where New Jersey is?", I smirked.
"Of course I do", she rested her hands on her hips.
"Where they find all the bodies", I smiled, whispering, "Tons of places to dump a blond body", I put my hand through the tips of her hair, making her jerk her head back, "We have the river, and the ground, and all kinds of deserted parking lots and woods"
She widened her eyes in disbelief.
I nodded, "And the best part is anybody will bury it if you just give them 50 bucks", I turned around to see Michelle laughing madly into her hands, "Hey Michelle, do you have a change from a 100?"
"You wouldn't!', Dani shrieked.
Amy's mom exclaimed, "Fu...Dani, you forgot your place again", she yanked her to the end of the row.
"You gave her nightmares for life", Michelle lowered her hands and smiled widely, "She won't set foot in Jersey"
"Less motherfuckers to worry about", I winked a her.
"Skyler where are your flowers?", Amy's mom was running her last examination.
"In the garden?", I muttered.
"Here", she stuck a bouquet in my hand, "And for the last time, don't leave them anywhere or I'll tie it to you", she moved on to scold Michelle for not standing straight, I rolled my eyes at Michelle, it's a good thing this wedding is about to end, I don't think Amy's mom is built for this, her nerves certainly weren't.
"Remind me not to tell my mother when I'm getting married", Michelle whispered once her mom slapped her to straightness and moved to her next victim.
"At least this time she didn't make you carry a broom between your shoulders", I giggled, remembering Michelle's face when her mom made her walk with a broom around the chapel to better her posture.
"I've been practicing", she stuck out her chin.
"Beautiful princess", Amy's dad appeared out no where, "But where's the queen?"
Michelle stuffed a murmur which sounded much like 'up my ass'
"Should I go get her?", Amy's moms voice trembled a little.
He nodded and kissed her cheek as she walked away. he fiddled a little with his tie and cleared his throat.
My gut clenched with hurt, I had no father to walk me down the aisle...Fuck I had no father at all, it's so unfair, some get everything and some just get to be their brides maids, I tugged on my wedding ring subconsciously.
Amy's mom reappeared followed by Amy.
She looked beautiful now that she stopped crying.
Her long black hair cascaded down her back contrasting with her simple white dress, I managed to convince her to drop all the cake-ish dresses, her blue eyes glowed, she really did look like a queen, I winked at her receiving a nervous thumbs up back.
Her dad took her hand and led her to the back of the row behind Michelle. Her mom gave her a kiss and rushed to call the groomsmen from outside.
Shortly afterwards I was joined by Ryan, he smiled, "Good luck"
"You too", I smiled back awkwardly, we didn't really talk after the disastrous date but he wasn't mean either.
"You know we can still be friends", he linked his arm with mine.
I nodded.
The music started, and my heart stopped beating...I can't do this...I'll stumble and trip over my dress and ruin everything.
"Breathe Skyler", Ryan whispered.
I glanced up at him, "Huh?"
"You don't breathe", he chuckled.
I looked at him with my eyes wide, he was right, I wasn't breathing...How does it go again? In and out? In where out how?
Ryan demonstrated as though he were reading my mind. I did as he showed me and before the air started flowing he was pulling me with him.
Our turn came so fast, I didn't even notice the rest of the party was already down the aisle, as always I was to absorbed in my own little world to notice anything else around me.
We started down, walking one step at the time, people were staring and I wish they wouldn't. Is it too much to ask them all to turn away? Or at least couldn't we walk a bit faster? I mean come fucking on!
"Say cheese", Ryan squeezed my hand.
Oh yeah I forgot to do that, I forced a smile.
Aw there's Bob! My forced smile turned into a real one when he gave me the thumbs ups mouthing 'beautiful' at me and making me blush but who was that next to him?!
I gasped and froze on the spot. In the middle of aisle. Is that some kinda of sick joke?
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