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you can keep my brother

(#) hopeanne 2008-01-08

okay okay I know youre gonna totally kick my ass for this, but whatever.
Im starting a new story.
its called 'you can keep my whore' heres an excerpt from it.

My arms were still around the Mikey wannabe, and if that's Mikey then who's trying to molest me?
"Mikey?", I whispered.
The person behind me stroked their hand down my back.
"Mikey?", I repeated.
"Mmm Skyler", he moaned against the back of my neck.
Oh my god, he felt so good.
"Skyler?", the person I was holding stirred, it..I mean she? Well she had a girls voice therefore I called her a she...
Way to go, Mikey! Bringing chicks to bed! He finally got the hang of the whole rock & roll lifestyle!
So I did grab a girl and not Mikey! And Mikey touched me! How fucking amazing!
The girl sounded really familiar so I took a crazy shot, "Alessa?"
"Skyler?", she examined, "Mikey!"
Mikey scrambled to switch on the light and we gawped around, Alessa was still in my arms, we looked at one another and then at Mikey, he looked back, looking like a kid on Christmas morning. And why wouldn’t he. Alessa had snuggled up tighter against me and slowly brushed the hair from my neck.
"Mikey…you think she might…?" Alessa giggled.
"Might what?", I unwrapped my arms from her, I knew what it looked like. I had only come in to see Mikey. Could she be saying what I thought she was saying?
"So this is a regular thing? –you and Mikey?", Alessa sat up too.
"Yeah but I didn't know you were here", I explained, feeling the blush take over my cheeks.
"So what if she is", Mikey shrugged.
"What?", I gasped, "You don't want me to leave?"
"How could we?", Alessa cooed at me.
"Sure!", Mikey smiled at me.

hahaha. Robby was really upset there was no action in it, so I rewrote it for him!
go head and ban me anytime. I understand...

Author's response

You're a certified perv, I hope you know it. lol you and your Robby.