Review for But Could You Kill Me?

But Could You Kill Me?

(#) Silvana 2008-01-08

Look. this goes against everything I've ever said about your work, but don't do a sequel. Please. Or if you do, I will (probably) not read it. This story is too perfect. It doesn't need a sequel. A sequel would (probably) be like a disney sequel. Cool, but not as great as the orginal.
anyways, back to the review.
"Bring me back a coconut.”
I once knew someone who only knew one word of English. And that was coconut.
But thankyou. Thanks for writing such a great story.

Author's response

Yeah that's what I was thinking.
Hense all the replies saying I may but only if I get uber inspired and it's such a good idea it would be insane not to write it.
I don't want to be a sell out like Disney!
Wow at the coconut! I love coconut...
Anywho thank you for reviewing! =)