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Chapter 9

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A final confrontation. A not so final farewell.

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Last chapter guys! There's no plans for a sequel yet but I'm not ruling it out completely as a possiblility. First, though, I'll be finishing Old Soul and hopefully writing a Crime Fic (Mcr of course).
If you liked this I have a bunch of One shots and other fics up on my profile that you're all very welcome to go and check out.
This was my first attempt at a Sci-Fi chaptered fic so I hope you all enjoyed it!
Thank you for reading!
Muffins for each and every one of you!

Chapter 9
It’s 6:30 the following evening when my eyelids finally flutter open and I’m greeted with the anxious faces of two men; Mikey and Bob. They’re both sat on chairs next to me, staring at the floor as though it is to blame for everything. They’ve laid me down on one of the desks and covered me with blankets. There’s a pillow beneath my head and something soft is covering the table to make it more comfortable. “I didn’t realise you cared so much.” I say quietly. Both their heads snap up in unison and look at me with faces full of smiles.
“Oh God. Thank you so much. Oh God you’re alive.” Mikey gushes and he cradles me in his arms.
“It’s ok Mikey.” I assure him.
“You’ve been passed out for 16 hours! I thought there was something really wrong with you. You’re Ok though, thank God.”
“I didn’t realise you were so religious.” I smile and sit up. I felt remarkably fine besides the usual aches and pains left over from fighting. Even my headache’s gone.
“How are you?” Bob asks me, he looks tired and stressed. I realise that he’d probably stayed here with me all day. “Mikey told me what happened, in the end. With Frank.” I nod and try not to think about it. “It’s Ok. He was going to kill me, he was going to kill Mikey. I had to do something. I couldn’t just lie down and let him kill me. I had to do it…”
“You feeling Ok to go and talk to someone? He hasn’t stopped asking for you.” Mikey smiles, confusion written all over his pretty little face.
“Who is it?”

I pause. Thinking for a moment about whether it would be worth going in there and getting upset again. I nod my head slowly and lower myself down onto the floor. “I want someone to stay outside of the door at all times. Put Shane there.”
“Are you sure you don’t want me there?” Mikey asks, looking hurt I hadn’t asked for him.
“Your arms in a sling, you’re not going to be much help if he tries to attack me.” I explain gently. He looks down at his arm, “Oh yeah, I forgot… what with everything else…”

The interrogation room door is open as I walk towards it. Shane walks out and nods at me. “I double checked his binds, they’re safe.”
“Thank you.” I reply and mean it. I’ve never been so grateful of my team than I am right now. I can’t explain how I feel, I suppose gratitude would be close to it, but it’s more than that. It’s like I’ve woken up for the first time in 3 years and realised what amazing people I’ve been surrounded with.

“You came.” Gerard smiles as I enter the room uneasily and hear the door close behind me and Shane draw the bolts across.
“Yeah. What did you want?” I ask him trying to avoid catching his eye.
“I just wanted to see you. Thought maybe you could free me. You know, return the favour.” He replies hopefully.
“I warned you what they’d do. I thought you’d have the sense to run.”
“Maybe I couldn’t resist seeing you again.”
“Then you’re a fool and you deserve what they do to you.”
“You’re the blithering idiot in love with someone he doesn’t know, not me.” I finally snap, spitting the words out bitterly, hating him for being stupid enough to get caught.
“I set you free. I could have killed you. I set you free.” He shouts this last bit and I recoil slightly from his words as if he’s just slapped me.
“I didn’t ask you to do that for me. I warned you that they would kill you if they caught you.”
“But they didn’t they bought me here and stuck twigs in me. Trying to get me to betray the clan for them.”
“We’re vampire hunters Gerard. It’s what we’re good at.”
“And you call us monsters…”

I sigh and run a hand through my hair. I knew he’d be upset and angry at me. I don’t know why I came really. I suppose I thought I owed it to him. Now I wonder if he ever really did love me. Surely love can’t turn to loathing so quickly?
“How’s your head?” He asks me suddenly making me start.
“Erm… Ok now thanks…. How did you know about that?”
“Thought patterns. It was nearly all I could get off you down at the warehouse.”
“It’s pretty rude to just read someone’s thoughts like that.”
“Sorry. I’ll ask permission next time.” He replies sarcastically. “I’m a vampire. It’s what I’m good at.”

I colour slightly as he repeats my words back to me and I realise how ignorant they sounded. “Look Gerard I don’t want us to part like this. You saved my life and I wish I could repay you for that. I’m eternally grateful.”
“I know you don’t believe me or even understand me when I say that I love you but when you know what I know. When you’ve seen what I’ve seen… love isn’t just about knowing all the intricate details of someone and being their best friend. Sometimes it’s about having a natural instinct to protect and care for that person. From the moment I saw you and Frank I felt something tug at me. It was like a bind had been made between us and I couldn’t escape it. I just knew I had to look after you. And I did.”
“By stealing my boyfriend.” I state dryly. Afraid to believe what he was saying. Afraid to believe someone like him could love someone like me. That someone like him could love at all. It made them more human. It made me more of a monster.
“I stopped him from leaving you.”
“He still left me. He went off with you and had the time of his life drinking blood and being the most powerful vampire in town while I sat at home and moped over our photographs.”
“He didn’t leave you ‘just like that’. It wasn’t easy for him. He was devastated. He wanted to go back to you and persuade you to join us but I knew I couldn’t let him come near you again. You had your morals and it wasn’t fair of him to try and change them.”
“He still wanted to be with me?” I ask quietly, a small smile playing on my lips. I sit down on a stool near Gerard.
“For a while. Then he found new comforts. In the gender he preferred.” I know he says this to hurt and shock me, it has the desired effect.

I blink a few times and try to process the information. So he’d missed me for a while and had wanted to come back to me but Gerard had stopped him ‘because he was looking out for me’, but then he had found comfort in a guy. I hope to God he doesn’t mean what I think he means. One look at Gerard’s worried face, had he finally pushed me too far , tells me the whole story.
“You love me so much that you sleep with my boyfriend?”
“He… he’s a beautiful boy…” He says pathetically.
“I know. I dated him for 3 years. We were going to get married if we were still together in a few years time. We were going to have a family and live happily ever after.” I rage. Glad for someone to finally pin the blame on. I just couldn’t blame Mikey.
“You would have been living a lie.” He pleads. I stand up and approach him where he sits. “I saved you Kat. I saved you from a meaningless life. I loved you and I saved you.”

My palm connects with his cheek with a smack. The small wooden band of my ring instantly bruises his face. He looks up at me with dark eyes. “I love you Katherine Thomas. We could have changed the world together.”
“You screwed my boyfriend .” I spell out to him. Hoping to get the message into his thick skull that he could not possibly love me.
“Would it make you feel better if I told you he screamed your name? All I wanted was that one moment with him to take my pain away. To see his pretty little lips call my name and he said yours.”

I freeze. My heart is pounding in my chest. On one hand, I hate the creature sat before me. He was a parasite living off the very species he used to belong to. He slept with Frank. My precious Frank. He told him not to return to me. He tries to rule my life for me. Claims that he loves me. On the other hand, he saved my life . He went against his entire clan and saved me, and the others. He tries to make my life less painful even if it’s in unorthodox ways and when he told me about Frank calling my name instead of his I could see his heart breaking in his eyes. He cared about me, and Frank, even if it wasn’t love… he cared.

“I’m sorry Gerard.” I say weakly before slumping down onto the stool.
“Can I read your thought patterns?” He asks with a bashful smile.
“Go ahead.” I reply and open my mind to him. I don’t care anymore what he could learn and what he could do with the knowledge. If he gets out of here then he’ll do nothing but keep me safe. If he doesn’t get out of here then I have nothing to worry about anyway.
“My God you’re confused.” He mumbles, concentrating hard. I nod and smile weakly. “Is it any wonder?”
“How long has Mikey been living with you?” He asks looking surprised.
“Since coming down to do this with me. We’re just friends.” I explain and then realise that we were friends. I wanted us to get on and just be friends.
“You and Bob seem close.”
“He looks after me. He’s like a big brother.” I grin remembering all the advice he’d given me and all the times he’d held my hand while I cried in front of a bad chick flick.
“I wish we could be like that.” He says looking me dead in the eye for the first time.
“We can’t Gerard. You know that. You’re you and I’m me and people like us just don’t mix. We’re bad for each other. It would disrupt the entire flow of life.”
“You wouldn’t say the same if it was Frank making this proposition.”

I shake my head slowly. Not believing the hurt and venom now present in his eyes. “I’m going now Gerard. Good luck with what ever comes next.” I head over to the door and knock. I hear Shane pull back the bolt and I take one last look back at the vampire who had confused me so much. Then I turn and begin to open the door.

“Kat. Wait!” I stop and turn to face him again. He looks panicked and desperate. “I could turn you. We could be together forever. We could find Frank. I could love you and you could love me.” I look into his bottomless eyes.
“Frank’s dead.” I inform him bluntly. “I killed him.” I try not to register the flicker of pain that passes over his face.
“I forgive you.” He says simply.
“For killing Frank?”
“No. For what you’re about to do.”

I close my eyes and raise my fingers to my temples. “I could never love you Gerard.” Then I turn and leave the room.

“What do you want me to with him boss?” Shane asks me as I begin to walk down the hall towards Mikey and Bob.
“Kill him.”


“Mikey we need to talk.” Him and Bob look up and see my tired form outlined in the doorway.
“Sure. Let’s go next door.” He suggests. I nod and let him lead me into the computer room that intelligence usually use. I sit down on one of the hard chairs and rest my face in my hands.
“Kat are you Ok?” Mikey asks me, putting an arm around me and trying to hold me. I pull myself away from him and look at him wearily.
“You knew didn’t you? You knew I was that Kat. That was why you hated me?”
“I told you earlier Kat. I don’t hate you.”
“Yes, you did. Because I was living with the boy you were in love with.”

He takes a sharp intake of breath and looks away. “When did you find out?”
“When Gerard took me prisoner. He knew all about it, told me all about it. That was why he turned Frank. So that he never got the chance to leave me for you.”
“I didn’t know he was with you until he disappeared. I didn’t know what had happened to him so I tried to track him down. I found out that he’d had a girlfriend the whole time. I didn’t hate you…” He tries to explain.
“Mikey look at me.”

He turns to face me looking anxious. “I don’t blame you. I just wish you’d said something to me when you came. I feel like such a fool for not realising that he was seeing someone else.”
“I didn’t want to hurt you. I didn’t want you to hate me more than you already did.”
“Oh Mikey I didn’t hate you! You infuriated me and sometimes made me want to throw you out of an 18th story window but I never hated you.” He smiles and I rest my head on his shoulder.

“He slept with Gerard.”
“Yeah. Seems like he was a bit of a slut.”
“I feel like I’m in some really bad TV show.” He admits and I smile. “Truce?” Mikey asks and holds out a hand.
“For sure. Truce.” I nod. I take his hand and we shake. “You can stay at mine for a while if you want. It seems pointless you going out and paying for somewhere to stay when my house can fit two people.”
“Are you sure?”
“I’ve never been more sure of anything in my entire life.” I promise him and we stand, and walk together to where Bob is watching us through the glass door with a big goofy smile on his face.


“So guys. You’ve all been debriefed on how things went the other day. I’d like to personally thank our amazing intelligence team for getting us some life saving information, even if it was accidentally. You amazing hunters for coming in and kicking some serious vampire ass and you Bob for leading us all through it flawlessly. I never realised how hard your job is until we had to take care of those guys in the warehouse. I’ll never give you shit again. Oh and Mikey.” I smile at him. We’d been getting on better than ever over the past few days, “Thank you for being the best partner I’ve ever had. I’m so glad you’re staying.

“Now I’m going to leave you all. It’s been a hectic, crazy, few years and I just need to be a normal girl for a while. I’m going to go on holiday, meet some people, have a good time… I’ll miss you all… Mikey will be taking over my usual place. I’ll be seeing you all in a few months.” Shane comes up and hugs me, taking me by surprise slightly but I smile and hug him back.
“Your speeches suck.” He jokes and I pat him on the shoulder.
“You’re amazing too.” I smirk and he sits back down.


“When’s your flight?” Bob asks me as him, Mikey and I sit around in the office drinking coffee. I look at my watch. “8 hours.”
“Got your bags?”
“Yup.” I reply and nod over to where they’re waiting by the door.
“We’ll miss you.” Mikey says.
“I’ll only be gone for a few months tops. I’m sure you’ll survive.”
“Survive? I’ll get more sleep than I’ve ever had!” Bob claims in mock excitement.
“I love you guys.” I gush suddenly getting soppy.

We have a bit of an awkward group hug, what with Bob being in a wheel chair and all then Mikey tells me to gather my stuff so he can drive me to the airport. “I’ll miss you Bob. I’ll give you a ring once a week. Keep me posted yeah?”
“Of course. I’ll miss you too… Look after yourself.”
“Will do.”
“Bring me back a coconut.”
“I’m going to Italy!”
“So? I want a coconut.”
“Bye Bob.”
“Bye.” He repeats with watery eyes.
“I’ll be back before you know it.” I say gently and turn and walk out the door. Ready to live my life again.

This story’s old but it goes on and on until we disappear.
Calm me and let me taste the salt you breathe while you are underneath.
I am the one who haunts your dreams of mountains sunk below the sea.
I spoke the words but never gave a thought to what they all could mean.
I know that this is what you want.
A funeral keeps both of us apart.
You know that you are not alone.
I need you like water in my lungs.
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