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Chapter 8

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Kat gets back up to the warehouse. Slight violence. Language.

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Chapter 8
I throw one last look at Gerard and race out of the small building he’d been holding me in. Whilst running towards the large looming warehouse I try to formulate a plan of action in my mind. I remove the wooden knife from my belt as I run and scope out the area. I can’t see anyone outside but through the dirt encrusted windows the shapes of people fighting are clear. As I circle around the outside of the warehouse, preparing myself to jump into the action, somebody runs straight into me and falls to the ground.

I turn around, brandishing my knife, but stop when I see who it is I’ve just knocked over. “Mikey?” Everything Gerard had told me is blown from my mind when I see the state he’s in. His nose is bleeding and his clothes are torn. Blood is seeping from angry cuts and scratches on his torso and arms.
“Kat? What happened? What did he do to you?” He asks as he stands up and examines me.
“Nothing. It was fine. He didn’t do anything. It’s hard to explain but… he let me go.”
“He let you go?”
“Yeah. I, I couldn’t explain if I tried. He seems to think he’s in love with me.” I tell him in confusion.
“Whoa…” I nod my head and look into the distance.
“Where were you running off to?”
“To try and find you.”
“No problem. We’re a team. We need to look out for each other. I’m really sorry for the way I’ve acted, when he took you I realised how much I’ve been relying on you.”
“I’m sorry too,” I begin but our heart to heart is cut short by a piercing scream coming from around the back of the warehouse and startled yell coming from within the warehouse itself.
“Pete and his friends stayed to help. That sounded like him. Go and find him and get him out of here. If you’re out before me I’ll meet you by the van. We need to make sure that drug didn’t do any lasting damage.”
“Sounds good to me.” I smile as I walk over to where the doors used to be and step inside cautiously.

It sounds like most of the fighting is going on in the dining room and beneath us in the basement but the yell had come from the other side of the warehouse. Over by the kitchens.

I head stealthily in that direction. Gripping tight onto my knife and resting a hand over where my throwing stars are hanging. I can make out the outlines of two figures. One looks like Pete’s friend Rick, the other one I don’t recognise. I creep forward and try to make out what is happening. Then I see it, Rick’s neck is being bared and a vampire is lowering his mouth over the protruding veins. “No!” I shout out. The vampire looks up and stares me in the eye. “You.” I whisper. Frank lets go of Rick and walks slowly over to me. Stopping about 3 feet away.

“Rick run! Get out of here! Go home!” He doesn’t need anything else. He clambers to his feet and runs faster than I’ve ever seen anyone human run in their lives. I let out a breath, glad he’s safe, and then look up to Frank again.
“You just scared my food away. That’s not very nice really is it?” He says with an odd look in his eyes.
“Frank? Frank it’s me. Why are you looking at me that way?”
“I know who you are. You’re a stupid human who thinks they can make a difference but you’re wrong .” He launches himself through the air towards me. I dart out of the way just in time and he smashes into the floor, breaking a couple of floorboards in the process.

I back away slightly as he stands. I don’t know what I’d been expecting but it wasn’t this. I don’t know why I thought he wouldn’t kill me. He wasn’t my Frank any more. He never had been…

“You look like you’ve seen a ghost.” He leers.
“Just a face from the past.” I reply and throw myself at him. My sudden attack knocks him to the floor and I straddle him, holding the point of my knife at his throat. “Why did you sleep with Mikey?” I whisper through tears that had sprung to my eyes. He smiles. “Tell me!”
“He was everything you weren’t.” He answers. “Now get that fucking stick away from me.” The knife goes flying across the room, thrown by an invisible hand. “And get the fuck off of me.” He rolls us over so he is pinning me to the floor now instead.

I struggle underneath him. Trying to access the many weapons on my belt but I can’t reach them. I breathe hard trying to think of an escape. Then I see the piece of broken floorboard to my right. If I could just reach it… I stretch my arm out. Groping around with my finger tips. I can nearly reach, if I could just…

“Have you ever been kissed by a vampire my pretty little princess?” Frank asks in a voice dripping with venom.
“No.” I whisper, distracted from my poor attempts to save myself by his voice. “I don’t plan on it either.”
“Not even a kiss from me? You loved me so much, now you won’t even let me give you a little kiss?”
“I won’t let you turn me into a monster.” I grind out. Frantically trying to reach the splintered piece of wood that was just that tiny bit out of reach.
“You’re already a monster.” He spits. “How many of us will you kill before you realise that revenge isn’t that sweet after all?”
“This isn’t all about you.” I counter. My fingers brush against the wood but just end up pushing it further away. “I looked for vampires because I wanted to fight them. I didn’t go chasing them around the country so that I could become one.” I look him angrily in the eyes. “Oh but I forgot. You weren’t chasing them either were you?”
“No. I was chasing good sex and a boy who was head over heals with me. He had time for me Kat, he listened to me. You were too busy trying to become some saviour of the human race to see that 1, your boyfriend was seeing another boy and that 2, he wasn’t even on the same side as you.”

I spit in his face. He removes a hand from my shoulder to wipe the slime away and I take the opportunity to reach out and try to grab something, anything, to save myself with. He looks and sees what I’m trying to reach and sends it further away with his mind.
“That’s it little Kat. Time to say good bye.”
“Frank. Don’t you remember all the good times we had together?” I plead, giving up on trying to throw him off physically. “You used to love me. You don’t really want to do this do you?”
He laughs. A terrible laugh. There’s nothing funny about it. It’s terrifying.

Hurry up Mikey . I plead desperately in my head. I take one last look at Frank and close my eyes. Bracing myself to feel for the first, and last, time what a vampires kiss felt like. I feel his breath on my neck and try not to whimper. “How pathetic it is,” he breathes into my ear, “that you’re pinning all your hopes onto the boy who fucked your boyfriend.” Then he stops talking and lowers his fangs to my neck.

“Get off her you bastard!” I open my eyes quickly to see Mikey launch himself through the air and land on Frank. He pulls out his knife and stabs frantically at his body, waiting for the opportunity to land a fatal blow.
“Holy shit!” Mikey cries out suddenly, standing away from Frank with a look of horror on his face. “He’s healing.”
“What a nice little reunion. Guess what? You can never beat me.”
“No wait.” I call out, suddenly remembering what Gerard said to me that had caused my blood to boil. “His body heals but not his heart. It’s what Gerard said to me. Stake him through the heart !”

From where I’m sat behind him I see the first flicker of fear creep across Frank’s face as he turns his head from Mikey to me and back again. Realising he was going to run away at moment I pick up another splintered piece of floorboard and stand slowly.

Frank’s still facing Mikey with his back towards me so he doesn’t notice me close in on him until it’s too late. I tap him on the shoulder. He spins around and I look him in the eye before driving the make shift stake all the way through his blackened heart.
“Now you’re broken too, just like me.” I whisper to the writhing, bleeding form in front of me. Then it all goes black.
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