Review for you can keep my brother

you can keep my brother

(#) _cranium_ 2008-01-08

ahh mikey's back!! and alessa, too! the beginning was just hilarious. i read it so many times and it just got funnier. now when mikey's back they're sort of forced to talk things over. they can't ignore each other when they live together, can they? ok maybe then can, but atleast in this chappie they didn't. which was awesome. i'm glad mikes doesn't seem to be as furious as he was when they last saw each other. and even though mikey does have a point, i'm still mad at him for taking sides. that's stupid and childish and immature and unnecessary; something skyler would do, not mikey.
i feel pretty hopeful right now, about a lot of things.
first, mikey's back so maybe skyler will find out about gerard and liz. i still refuse to think that they'd really be a coupple. they probably got even closer during the tour but they cannot be married. or engaged, or anything like that at all. i swear there's gonna be bodies if they are. maybe sky and mikey will talk and somehow the subject will come up.
2- gerard's back. i don't know if they're ever gonna solve their problems but if so, now's the time. she has got to talk to him before they head back on tour. she has to be the 'brave' one and pick up the phone and ask him to meet her somewhere so they can talk. cause gerard already did that, altough we'll never find out exactly why he called, maybe he called to solve things, maybe he had another reason. however, thanks to billy making a face we'll never find out and gerard probably won't call again. it's nto like billy's the bad guy, i really appreciate that he took care of sky and shit but telling gerard not to call skyler and then trying to completely block gerard AND the rest of the guys from sky's life, well bleh, that was just stupid. he should get ripped apart by scary little garden gnomes who like to use human guts as scarfs when the temperature's low. what can i say, i definitely hold a grudge against billy.
3- frankie's back! skyler's very own personal sunshine. and after everything she's gone through, the angry times, the sad times, the pathetic times, the reckless and stupid times, well, she could use a little sunshine in her life right now, right..?

Author's response

Well it's funny how people expect Sky to be the stupid kid, yet Mikey ended up being the one who picked sides.
And I was lol-ing so hard at the human guts as scarves!
You are either a very funny chick! Or a very evil funny chick!